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Yakuza 4 - Hostess ~ Chihiro

She can only be requested by Akiyama. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Majima Construction is at work! This article is a stub and is under construction. You can help Yakuza Wiki by expanding it.

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Noa Mizutani

Be sure to check out the manual before you get started! Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Fruit Platter. Chicken Basket. Vegetable Sticks.

Dried Ray Fin. Pickled Vegetables. Gold Champagne.

Faith Yakuza 4 Hostess Dating Guide Noa Megan a BBW Ugandan Escort Anal temptress Am a pretty adventurous curvy lady with a huge ass you can play with. I'm an anal temptress Ugandan bbw lady in Kahawa West, Nairobi, Kenya I give good company / For Yakuza 4 on the PlayStation 3, FAQ/Walkthrough by awritingdog. Add that with the doubt that Western gamers would be interested with the dating sims and minigames involving massage etc. Yakuza 4 assumes that gamers worldwide want to enjoy Japanese games like the Japanese gamers do. I provide the guide to reach the max stats for a. Noa is a classic ballet instructor as well as a hostess at Club Jewel in Yakuza 4. She can only be requested by Akiyama. Noa is a classic ballet instructor as well as a hostess at Club Jewel in Yakuza 4. She can only be requested by Akiyama. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video.

Black Champagne. Rose Champagne. White Champagne. Yamazaki 12 Years. Orange Juice. Kyogetsu Green. There's just something about you that seems different. I can't put my finger on it I don't mind going to fast food places at all.

As long as it tastes good, I'm happy. Guys like to brag about their friends, too. That doesn't even have anything to do with them! I just sort of try to put out this aura that says "I love you! He wouldn't give up, either! The train was packed, too. It was so embarrassing. Let's see Strawberry shortcake, chestnut cream and chocolate.

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I kept eating those three over and over! I told him that I usually go straight home after work. And he said, "You're lying! Walk with her eastward to Champion District feel free to run and hearing her keep yelling 'chotto! She won't walk beside Akiyama, anyway, always behind. Enjoy the romantic scene yes, women in Yakuza are not as shallow and cynical as American women in GTA The Shibata hitmen are catching up with you again.

One has a sword and the other has a gun.

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Bullets won't kill you instantly but they hurt. O yeah, if you hold a firearm, spam Triangle to shoot. You are likely to hit the target. Hana will be out of action in this chapter. More with pimping up Lily. I provide the guide to reach the max stats for a hostess' style, but your consumers this time want a conservative Lily.

Buy her a white long dress and apply minimum make-up with default hair style. Enjoy that icky transformation cutscene - you'll see them again and again when you tackle the No. Now tour your club. If Lily's at the bar with her phone, you're doing it wrong. Hopefully she's sitting on the sofa with a guy. She works three shifts so you have two times for improvement. Then go to Champions District. When you're inside after talking with the crossdresser, examine the room for every chance to press X.

When you've gathered the clues, Akiyama says that he's seen enough. Yes we have. Oho, Sky Finance was invaded, Hana is hurt and Kido is missing, along with the client registry. Go outside and you'll meet Mack. He's a happy American guy who taught Kiryu the art of cell phone candid photography.

Like Kiryu, Akiyama will find that random act of accidents and pervesion will inspire him to launch deadly finishers in fighting. Zoom at the screaming woman R3 and X. As for the button sequences, they are random, unlike in Yakuza 3.

But once a button has been used, it will not be used again. So usually I get two fingers ready on triangle and circle, and two other on square and X like a spider. Then choose the first option. If you get the clicking right, Akiyama has black and white imagination of his fighting scene.

If he fails to write anything, repeat the Revelation. For your first Revelations scene, this cutscene is disturbing. Hopefully if someone catches you staring at the screen, they are understanding. Go to Theater Square and talk to the helpful people. One will give you a radar which will help you collecting locker keys. They eventually will point you to the underground area under the Theater Square. Stock up energy drinks. You are in one long series of fights.

When you are ready, proceed underground. You'll face the Hatsushiba Clan thugs. As usual, hit the ones armed, use their weapons, and grab anything you can use as a weapon.

Now you know why Asian gangs don't need guns. Be aware that a homeless will mistake you as an intruder. Press the right button to avoid his strike. He'll join you as an ally. Halfway you'll meet tougher criminals. They are marked purple in your map and they have attacking patterns that can knock you down.

Now you must find the homeless who can pick locks. He's on a corner, among garbage piles. He'll stand back while his buddy will return to aid you in fistfights. I'd combine it with R1 so you'll stand ready facing the enemy Using it, you can avoid bullets just like in The Matrix. When an enemy win gun rolling and then aiming, then step, otherwise his shot will hit you.

When Midorikawa runs away, watch out. He's getting his chainsaw I know, that's pretty 80s Now you're in another timed button sequence. When the screen says "Feel the Heat! In the past it was a prompt to tap R2 repeatedly to turn up the heat, and then triangle for a devastating strike. This time it's buttons timing only. Otherwise he'll cut you with the chainsaw big damage, but Akiyama will not have his body ripped or anything. Still, a nasty scene.

Now you have got Kido and the book back, go to Elise to train Lily. Training is no more complex than choosing an area to improve in the first part, giving free time to the hostess in second part, and another skill improvement in the final part.

So Lily passes her test and Akiyama gives her the money. When Lily leaves, Elise is in financial trouble. That's the time to recruit three more hostesses for Elise. Refer to the challenge guide for how to play. You'll need hours to complete this challenge and the hostesses you train will be available to Kiryu and Tanimura the cop. Back to Sky Finance and goodbye Hana.

No, for this chase the round girl will run better than men, you won't be able to tackle her or even throwing bottle at her. That's not right. She'll state her resignation from the Sky Finance in the park. More thugs are invading Elise, for no other reason than hunting Lily. Save and buy energy drinks. You're about to face one annoying mofo. He's also a new generation of Yakuza which is more Americanized see his gothic tattoos.

Pretty West Coast, you think? Note that you can't grab bosses. When he glows pink, he'll take a drink. Watch out, he's going to spit them at you yuck.

Better hit him while he's drinking - those alcohol will only make him stronger. Yes, he's that fast just like his boss is. Eventually he has to stop, so jump over him.

Yes, seems like six revolvers are much less efficient than say, two Beretta 92s to wipe out ten men. But maybe guns are that hard to purchase in Japan and something like Beretta is very unreachable for two poor lowly yakuza soldiers.

O yeah, many people laugh at that gun biting scene. I don't know, for me it's pretty badass. Twenty five years later, Saejima is in a prison in Okinawa. Surrounded by Ueno convicts.

And you will fail that fighting tutorial. The instruction is supposed to say "three-hit Square combo then hold triangle". Translation mistake, I guess. And no, the convicts will not use knives although they do in cutscene. Skip the torture scene if you like. The man who takes interest in Saejima is Hamazaki. He is interested to create his own Prison Break. Being a Yakuza game, you don't need heavy puzzling for this sequence.

Talk to Kamiyama's brother next to the phone. Overhear the prisoners talking about work out equipment and beat them under one minute. Give Kamiyama the chain. Now he needs a hoe. The guys talking about farm duty want cigarette. Talk to the man under the basketball hoop.

Now talk to the guard to let you out of the yard. The lighter is on the dead end. Go back to farmers, again beat them up. Now talk to Kamiyama and then to Hamazaki and hide the grappling hook under the manhole. Right, this is bit tricky, isn't it?

You have to fight all the guards with minimum insurance. One or two health items are there, please collect them.

Pay attention everytime you can level up as spending them on soul points will make you stronger. As they say, cops are worse crooks than criminals. Watch out for the quick time events ah, that's what they are called since it's missable easily and yet devastating for you. On the rooftop, the sniper will track you down. Quickstep and make sure his aim doesn't turn red. Some guards are equipped with flashbang which can dizzy you Ensure that you're armed everytime you finish a fight.

It's not over. As a proper chapter boss, he's quick and his pattern attack can knock you down. Take down his men first and use their weapons. This time use your health items as necessary but don't overspend them. Remember, Saejima is miles away from the nearest drug store and convenient store. Now he's on the verge of becoming a child rapist.

You really have to be careful with men, Haruka, yakuza or otherwise. Suzuki is a Japanese equivalent of "Smith" or "Jones", but not in Okinawa, where something like Shimabukuro would be more common. Well, there's C. Grab a Toughness ZZ at the back. Speed and dynamism, which is sounds weird for a tank like Saejima. Concentrate in another quick time event, like the way it's always against bosses.

That's it. That's Chapter 2. And trust me, Japanese airports are tough. Now he's in Tokyo and is into army chic. I wonder if Saigo spots him. Now you're playing in the Kamurocho playground. Collect keys and beat up punks who challenge you. However, some policemen are already stationed here. They are much more avoidable than the punks.

In case a policeman catches you, just run away from him easily. Japan fiction loves to potray the policemen as meek pushovers, anyway. Note that you can't start substories before you get a safehouse.

Talk to the homeless and he'll point you out to the underground. Buy a sake for the bum. Go up, follow the waypoint and you'll meet improved Kido. Chase him. Rooftop chases are not in circles but following mazes. Throw bottles at him and grab the green glows for energy restore. Kido will show you your very very comfy accomodation in Kamurocho, the former HQ of the Hatsushiba Clan.

Go up and follow the man. The Master is Saejima's designated teacher. Refer to the Challenges section for his quests.

Since Saejima's tech level is stuck inand the Master's probably way behind, he gives Saejima You'll see that Saejima is the world's fastest wood carver he should contact Guinness.

Kage the Florist works in Purgatory or Millennium Tower. Whatever fits him and the famous access point is a toilet door in the West Park. The West Park is located in the northeast. Don't be angry.

That's the name. Feel sorry for the man. The park's management is mean enough to stick with traditional Asian crouching toilet, despite this being 21st century and all.

Where to go now? Go to the west, heading for M Store. Construction workers will talk about an urban legend. Go to Children's Park and remove the punks who stand above the manhole. Explore the sewers wow, even Japanese sewers are pristine. Welcome to Purgatory. The rule of Purgatory: if this is your first night in Purgatory and you're the main character, you have to fight.

Sorry, no health items. Clean up all items, save, and proceed to the ring. Corner him, don't be lazy to block, and you'll knock him out. Return to the streets and an martial artist will ask for your help to maintain his dojo.

This is another major challenge. When Akiyama trains girls needing money to become top courtesans, Saejima sticks with the boys owturning them from average Japanese boys into killing machines. Ethically I think it's wrong - it's fine to turn them into athletes, but not as blood fighters. Still, it's a fun and funny challenge to take and it's not as boring as the Hostess Maker.

Refer to the corresponding section for the walkthrough. Now we play the stealth section. No, not as demanding as MGS, of course. If the police spot you, you fail. It's easier than you think. Just stick to the waypoints, avoid all the purple indicator they have short sights and hold L1 to walk normally.

Hug buildings and cross the street when walking cops are turning their backs on you. I think this is a pretty realistic depiction on how yakuza, and people running from them, are utilizing lanes, undergrounds, and even manholes to avoid sentries.

And ah, here's Minami again. Majima wants to see you in Millenium Tower. Kido says he'll scout the best route to MT as you can't go there directly. So, as Kamurucho is infested with police you can't complete substories?

Yakuza 4 hostess dating guide noa

You can. Go outside. Police are standing here and there and if you get close to them, Saejima will only track back, but none of them will catch him. You have to make several changes to your routes but it's possible to complete the sub- stories and challenges. Kido said that you can't access the MT directly because there is a single policeman standing in front of it.

That's all. Buy energy drinks. You'll meet Mr. West Coast again who sprays alcohol at you. Go back to your safehouse and talk to Kido. Follow his proposed path, which is kinda the backtrack of the route you took from Children's Park to the Underground Mall.

Kiryu had passed the annoying task of battling the whole Majima Family. Now it's Saejima's turn. Hit them hard, use anything you can get, and don't worry. They won't be the one who will hurt you. So I can't help thinking of the Japanese Sweetheart everytime I fight this gangsta. Minami means South, anyway. He's not as speedy as he is in Chapter 1 - he's hurt here and there thanks to Akiyama. On the other hand, he's trying flame throwing with his mouth.

Don't try to attack him while he's breathing fire. You'll only get hurt. And like Kiryu, the protagonist of Yakuza must have a friendly fight with Majima. And yes, Majima always uses knives in his fights with Kiryu. When he's doing his It's unblockable. He'll get tired when he's done so pummel him.

Like in other boss fights, prepare for quick time events that will break you or your enemy. Enter the mahjong parlor and then go to Ebisu. Hmm, they sell only fake silver platters, for party purposes. Ah well. In the parking lot you'll fight Iida. He's an old friend of Kiryu. Meaning he's a hustler who thinks he's good with quickstepping only to have Kiryu wins the bets. Follow the fighting tutorial, and then he'll tell you about his problem with Kiryu. Another fighting tutorial is held in Theater Square and you will unlock the Police Scanner challenge.

In early 90s I played Hill Street Blues, where you respond to report of crime in progress, race to the location, call in paramedics and arrest the suspect.

It's like this.

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A crime is in progress and it's always nearby your location. Talk to the victim or a standing police and you will have no trouble locating the perp. You always need to beat them up or chasing them down to solve the crime. Finally now Little Asia is opened for you - all the guards are gone.

You also have access to Homeland, your safehouse. Now you can play all the substories. Go to Midori to see Yasuko. The Shibata men are catching up with her as always.

Oh no, they are just there to distract you while their unseen friends kidnap Yasuko! But those guys across Alps need a hand for their group date!

Nevermind, go on with your fun business. Yasuko can wait. When you are ready, buy energy drinks, weapons from Ebisu or Kamiyama, and take a taxi to the docks.

Okay, you know what docks are for. They are for epic battles and you are getting it. With all the heavy stuff around, also pay attention during cut scenes - the yakuzas are throwing things of you and you have to constantly avoiding them in quick time events. Keep buying new skills as you are levelling up. When they are pouring oils on the ground, they are not to burn you.

But falling down hurts, so be careful and keep your feet dry. Yet in another set of quick time event, you have to run against the burning flame behind.

Stay to your action star script. They can be painful and I found out that its easier to defeat them by using weapons you have bought in the city.

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Yay, you get Yasuko and someone has got rid of Shibata for you. He certainly wants no trouble with police although he had no trouble of shooting at Tanimura.

Yakuza 4 - Hostess ~ Shizuka

Leave Homeland and you'll meet Nair, a Southeast Asian policewoman non-descriptive country Nair is Tanimura's Challenge character and his fighting coach.

Getting through her Challenge is the first fighting duel against a lady in Yakuza, and is a murder case in itself. Sorry, not much laugh on this one compared to Akiyama's challenge. She also unlocks Tanimura's portion of revelations, using his note book. Hey, he's a good artist. There's a chance that the game will force you to do a substory when you leave Little Asia and Mei Hua runs to you.

Since she's tailing you, you seem like forced to do this sub story. Just go down the Senryo Avenue, found the yakuza surrounding Zhao and beat them up. Zhao will tell you about Naomi. Actually Tanimura has a long set of substory that deals with his past, his family besides his late fatherand explains why he's attached to Little Asia.

Walkthrough is in Substories section. Back to the main story. Visit the Underground Carpark and look for cars which are parked with their trunks facing you.

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Inspect all the black sedans. If you get the wrong car, the angry owner will seek trouble with you. Proceed to the next car after you're done with them. Outside, you receive a mail with attached picture known in other parts of the world as an MMS. The old castle is Kamurocho Castle, nearby Pink Alley.

Head to the rooftops east and talk to a man next to some flowers. He works for Kage the Florist. He'll give you Katsuragi's phone number. After the phone call, you'll be able to do whatever you like in the city. When you're done, return to Homeland, Save, and talk to Zhao. The next afternoon, you'll meet Katsuragi and walk together to the Theater Square.

The steel briefcase is like your hammer arm - it will not break. Keep fighting and moving on. Eventually the Ueno will steal the briefcase, so grab any weapon you can find. Chase the thief through the roof tops, and now you're ready to remove more threats with your steel briefcase. Then you will outrun the chasing yakuzas. Even when someone gets close to you, with quick time event you can dispatch them.

Instead, there's a small Chinese-speaking girl guarding the entrance. The briefcase is in her hand, and now you will destroy the last of the invaders. Watch out for the ones marked in purple. Then take the taxi with your expense to the precinct.

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Hisai takes you to Archive Section 13 and this is the first time you can roam in it. In Yakuza 2 it showed up in cutscenes where detectives were talking about Kiryu, his foster father, Jingweon, and the Osakan Omi Alliance. Walk around and press X everytime you see the symbol on the right top corner.

Eventually Tanimura will find the file he's looking for. Back to the city and back to free time for Tanimura. Why don't you recreate his gambling addiction and practice mahjong and go to the casino? Oh right, to unlock access to Ryugujo, you have to solve a substory first where you're hired as a debt collector for the secret establishment in another substory, Saejima's the casino's bouncer. Ryugujo's Kamurocho's fastest growing employer. To complete the chapter, just return to Homeland.

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Tanimura agrees to pick up Mishima, who is hiding in the docks. So Mishima's out of the picture, and despair that none of the blue shirt there has the gut to tackle or at least chasing Sugiuchi. Boat chase? No way! First time ever Yakuza believes in vehicles?

Everytime the reticle turns red, press triangle to shoot Sugiuchi's boat. Square is to ram his boat. Whenever you're losing him, look at the meter on the right. When your blue icon is closing on his red icon again, that means you're following him, so keep to the direction.

You cannot overtake him in this chase. Don't let him grapple you. Use Tanimura's parry ability and be aware that he can break your guard. So don't underestimate him. Hamazaki is explaining how past incidents - the 10 billion hunt, Jingu, The Tojo Clan, the secret prison, and the police are all connected. After speaking with Haruka, you will hit the Okinawan downtown Naha, to be exact where Hamazaki will surrender. Yasuko is there. The police seem not to be alerted by the presence of two suspicious-looking men, one of them a fugitive well from secret prison, anyway talking to a babbling woman.

Yasuko seems also can smell Tojo Clan people from afar she just follows two scary strangers who might not actually knowing anything about Taiga. They bring Yasuko to the vacant headquarters of the Tamashiro clan which Kiryu flushed out in Yakuza 3. The police are not trailing them. Saito and his men are I assume they are from a private security service.

He can be tough even for the Dragon of Dojima. Kiryu is less quick than Akiyama, less strong than Saejima, and less technical than Tanimura. But he's an all-rounder, has extra Heat bar, and his soul points cost only one orb. Never block Saito - his baton is too hard for your arms.

Remove his men and throw everything at him. Go down the building, dispatching guards all the way. Watch out for the return of Saito in another QTE. On this second fight, a clipping problem helps me.

Saito is somehow stuck on the stairs try to lure him there if you can and I can spam him with punches and kicks. Of course, Kiryu's forward roll kick is unblockable. He's down now. Okay, goodbye Hamazaki. I wished you were dead in Yakuza 3 but you've served greater purpose for everyone. Akiyama has lost his business as District Attorney office is cleaning it out on coercion charge I've got several wrong number calls from debt collectors asking for people I don't know so I know what's coercion.

Kiryu introduces Yasuko to New Serena. She's not the first lady to stay there. God I miss Kaoru Sayama. It is guarded by Makoto Date, Kiryu's longtime ally in the police. He manages the bar with his girlfriend, who is away for this episode. As you leave New Serena, Kiryu will get mails from his past. They are substories. Yes, even old man Kiryu is more high tech than Tanimura Even with current smartphones, ating blogs are pretty painful unless Kiryu is using something like

If you want to complete all available substories before proceeding, stay clear from Millenium Tower's main entrance. You'll automatically see the cutscene. Majima's handcuffed and the news will be retweeted and shared on Facebook all over the world with people will laugh at his snake and leather outfits.

But that was in s. Actually it makes sense if you have seen the National Geo show on the yakuza which shows scenes of the real Kabukicho. In Purgatory, you'll fear Katsuragi a bit. If Saejima can defeat Kiryu, then how the hell his men can defeat him and also Ibrahimovic? You also learn that Akiyama is one of the wealthiest men in the world. The tax department must be unhappy.

Go to New Serena. Yasuko is missing with Date knocked down. Bad girl. Run around and follow her, who is running with Akiyama and Tanimura. Go to the manhole and watch stupid Akiyama and Tanimura tell their VIP to go ahead without escort while they are intercepting the chaser.

Directly to where the bad guys are. Everyone's being vague so everyone's fighting. You might know me as ex-Tojo Chairman. I'm here to save Yasuko from Katsuragi.

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I love Yasuko. I was also her pimp. Hence my purple shirt. I think I know you.

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Yeah, I hate Katsuragi too. This is like telling Niko Bellic to have a fist fight with Klebitz and Lopez at the same time. Watch out when they try to double team you, and for Tanimura's parrying skill.

Since Kiryu's not hulk enough to open manhole by himself, a friendly homeless gives him a T key. Date's treating the victims of misunderstanding. Too bad his motherly girlfriend's not there. Katsuragi agrees to hand over the Saejima siblings and Kiryu has to hand over the book himself after passing the whole Ueno army. The Tower of Death. So have fun around Kamurocho. Date Akiyama's hos Meet your old friends like the Bantam bartender, Yuya across the street, the Kyushu Star's crews, play billiards, and get wasted with alcohol.

It's not the classic vendetta between red vs blue. After helping him, you'll unlock the Gang Wars challenge. I highly recommend you to complete it for various reasons. First, for the first time, your street fighting doesn't seem random. Young gangs, who have no respect for yakuza, are fighting for the YouTube bragging rights of claiming the head of Kazuma Kiryu.

Second, the KG rewards you big for destroying the gangs. We're talking about 1 million yen prize here, enough for all the girls in Pink Street. Third, of course the fights level you up for the battle royale against Ueno. When you're stocked with armors, bats, and Toughness drinks, head for the toilet.

It's unlocked now. Now you're in the Kamurocho Hills, which is still under construction since gah. Hori will take a chunk of your health with his sledgehammer. Grab weapons and HEAT him. If you haven't bought Komaki gun grabbing skill, buy it and yakuzas will feel sorry for using guns against you.

Inside, you'll see that finally Majima's making improvement on the interior. Feel free to laugh at the yakuza pretending to be a mannequin, but watch out for the sub boss attacking you from behind.

You need enough space to use mannequins. If they get you first, you'll drop it and break it. Nakanowatari returns, but Kiryu is armed with handbags. He is well-versed in the Lady Thatcher's School of Handbag fighting. Another mini-boss is here and his name is He has shotgun.

You have Komaki's technique against guns. Pick the shotguns after the fight and shoot down gunmen on scaffolding. Suzumiya returns and has another shotgun. Well so do you. Grab the bat after the elevator showdown. Now you're going to face some Uzi-wielding yakuzas. The best way to hit them is with HEAT action.

Otherwise, quickstep and wait for the rain to stop.

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You can break through the "fire retardant" that's what they are called until construction tools block your way. Find a door in the middle of the floor to proceed. How we're like Home Alone 2 where you can use paint cans, wooden planks, and pipes as weapons.

Keep negotiating the path. No tricks here. Just go through your path. Oh look, someone uses a spear. Or a long construction pipe used as a spear. Nothing beats the awesomeness of Yazuka 2 where a samurai-geek yakuza dressed his men as samurai warriors, so let's not go into that. Can you think of an action comedy where a Renaissance-nerd mafia dresses his men in tights and arm them with crossbows?

Yakuza heroes are pretty cool when wielding spear, as seem they master the Chinese arts of staff fighting. Well Kiryu had short course in Chinese martial arts from a retired Triad matriach in Yakuza 2. Dark room That and enemies' blood. Nakanowatari the sunglasses baton.

Suzumiya the shotgun shooter. And Ijuin are you even Japanese? I hope none of them get promotion. Aim for Suzumiya first. His shotgun rules. Spam them with shells and continue with anything you can smash their heads with.

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You can guess it. Yasuko's dead. But she's one bad mama and she does what the yakuzas never think of - headshot "Not in the face man, I gotta look good in the funeral.

If you want to be your best for the final showdown, try to level up all your characters to the max. Finish substories and challenges, hunt down troublemakers and inflict HEAT actions, and eat and drink and be merry. Munakata: "Okay. So, uh, please kidnap Haruka. She's a teenager now. That sailor uniform, man. And yeah, this revolver should scare her. I heard that Stepfanie Kramer resigned from Hunter because her character was raped too many times.

Don't get sad, gentlemen, get even. Now it's time to complete all challenges and substories. And yay, there're new substories for Saejima and Kiryu. To switch characters remember, many challenges and substories are unique to a particular character talk to the man you want to control. Their funds are pooled, and Akiyama is stingy enough to keep his billions for the bait come on, what they gonna do? Get angry when there's 10 million shortage? The biggest funders would be Tanimura when you solve his Russian roulette substory and Kiryu if you play his gang war challenges.

With around 4 million yen, you are more than adequate to waste them away for women, booze, and gambling man, who needs Vegas at this point?

Of course, also shop for weapons, armors, and health items for everyone. Sell your precious gifts in Ebisu for extras of hundred thousands yen. Equip Tanimura with a bulletproof vest - you're up against a corrupt police force. It's available from weapons dealer across the West Park and the one on the rooftops activate it first by talking to the man next to a chained van in a parking lot. When you're ready to end Yakuza 4, talk to Date.

The four men in black suits. Raiding the Millenium Tower. Inside we see their suitable rivals. There's Arai. And Dojima.

Aye, he's really like his daddy, isn't he? And Munakata. The commish might not a peer of Tanimura in fighting. But he has a SWAT team with him. So we are in Batman: Year One territory. And then an assault helicopter comes on GTA 4. How the hell Little Jacob and Roman got that fancy attack helo?

Keep the fight quick and simple with your rapid fire kicks. As always, watch out in the quick time events.

Noa Mizutani

Don't be fooled, the brat is strong and fast. He's also a berseker in heat mode. Even when you control Saejima, don't ever think that he can't bring you down. He even can recharge his health bar. Utilize charge attacks against him. You can pummel Dojima easily. Then he gets pissed off and stays in Heat mode. Well isn't that nice.

Kiryu saved his mother from internal coup in Yakuza 2 and look what he's doing. Quick combo, run. Expect to see another Ashita no Joe's counter punch quick time events, 40 years after its inception.

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Or is it? Maybe in the attempt to inject the dose of reality, Munakata will not fire when you grapple his guy. So when you hear the revolver clicks, grapple someone. All his men are grab-able, and maybe that's the designed trick of this boss fight.

Your bulletproof vest and your stocks of Toughness ZZ can help you survive while defeating him. And did I say that bosses won't run. Well Munakata does. Chase dem. Be sure to stick for the post-credit scenes. Of course Yakuza 5 is coming. Here comes the fun part to write. Visitors and residents of Kamurucho needs your help. Be a good man and help them out. You'll gain XPs, money, good jokes, and good insight on Japanese daily lives along the way.

If you complete a substory, it'll be marked as "Complete" with purple sign. If you fail to achieve the required goal, it'll be marked as "Finished" with a gray sign. Layoff Already Roleplay as the moneylender. You'll learn the business dilemma of layoff versus bankruptcy. Hana calls you to activate this quest and greet Mr. Shiohara in your office. Give them all tests. Head to Shichifuku St.

See Shiohara in Children's Park and save him from the angry ex-employee. Rewards: Memoirs of an Action Star. Books and DVDs contain designs for weapons modification. More on this on Challenges section. He's not marked by green arrow but you'll trigger a cutscene when you're near him. A housewife will ask you for a loan. Defeat her abusive husband downstairs. Poor lady and son. Gourmet Reporter Talk to the guy lying on the ground outside Kotobuki Drugs.

Meet him in Earth Angel, Champion District.

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