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Not Interested In Dating After Divorce? You're Not Alone!

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5 Reasons Finding Love is Too Difficult For Some

Because you might be asexual and not attracted sexually to anyone. Because you look out for a future date but then realise you're one of a kind and are maybe therefore socially awkward. Or you have been told that you are weird more often so you became socially awkward and in regards to not being called or rejected as such you lost your intrest in dating. Or you tried to ask out a lot of people but were rejected too many times because of your looks and not your awkwardness. So you ditched the dating phase and lost ur intrest in it. Why Don't Guys Ask Me Out? - Christian Dating Advice

If you're going to suggest I'm gay, then please save yourself that trouble because I know I'm not. All my previous relationships were with girls, and even when I do get aroused, its always due to women. Share Facebook.

Oct 28, †∑ 11 Things People Who Are Not Interested In Dating Are Tired Of Hearing, As Good As Your Intentions Might Be. I had one serious relationship in college, and broke it off when it started to look like we were going to change our plans to be near each other after graduation. It seemed stupid to limit ourselves when we were so young. Apr 03, †∑ "Iím 25 and Iím Not Interested in Dating Men OR Women". But there really isnít anything wrong, or selfish or dishonest, about going on a date or two with someone and then deciding youíd much rather be friends, as long as youíre open and honest about it. Why am i not interested in dating anyone Because you for him a job interview where you wondering why it's no interest in the woman is going. I'm not interested in what do, my generation would suggest in. Instant sexual attraction and i'm interested might think.

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Thats actually a really tough one, I think when you meet the right girl you will just get it back We all have phases in life, this sounds like a phase for sure, but if you're worried why don't you try putting yourself out there? It sounds like you need to connect with someone, seeing as your main focus isn't how a woman looks. Try something like online dating and just talk to a few different girls?

See if anyone catches your attention. If its what you want you need to try!


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What to do? Have you given up on dating entirely?

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Others will come in here and try to call you inhuman for daring to say you're not interested in courtship. Don't let them get to you. You're perfectly within your rights to decide that dating and relationships aren't interesting and honestly I think you should be proud for being courageous enough to have convictions and go against the grain. Mar 21, †∑ As you can see there are various reasons why you lost interest in dating. Be honest to yourself and you know why you lost your intrest. Also when you lost your intrest and what caused it. Besides you will notice why wanting to date is somehow important to you so that you are even asking yourself why you lost your desire. Sep 03, †∑ I just am not interested. I enjoy being single, working, doing my running, hanging out with friends (of both genders) and am a very social person with an active and busy lifestyle. I have never been the girl who dreamed of weddings or wanted to get married, and I have never, ever wanted children, still do not.

In reality, you look around and see you enjoy life just as much, if not more, than all those people telling you what you are missing out on. We all go through a whole lot of hurt to recognize when things are good.

Now I don't know why, but I have completely lost interest in dating and relationships. Maybe I stayed single for too long after my last relationship, but I had a valid reason for this. I was totally focused on my career, and didn't get into dating or relationships because I felt that would be a distraction. Itís been 5+ years now since my divorce and I still am not remotely interested in dating. The thought of dating sends me into a whirl of emotions that lead me to feel almost sick to my stomach. I donít want to go through the motions of starting another relationship and sending my current life into an upheaval as I try to fit someone else into what is already a comfortable life. If you are not interested in dating because youíve been hurt before and are fearful of being hurt again, you might want to reconsider. We all go through a whole lot of hurt to recognize when things are good. If you never try to love, then you lose from the beginning. Hey, it is your choice, and I totally get it.

If you never try to love, then you lose from the beginning. Hey, it is your choice, and I totally get it. If you are someone not interested in dating, I totally get it.

Why am i not interested in dating

There are just some people who would rather be on their own. The truth is not everyone is meant to be in a relationship, have children, or even find love. Sometimes we fall in love super hard and think that person is our soul mate.

Sometimes death comes a whole lot earlier than we want it to. There are all sorts of ways we can be wounded in love.

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Although tainted by the feelings of hurt or betrayal, love is a feeling like nothing else on earth. Maybe you should experience it again. I get it. I remember growing up thinking their distaste for one another was just what couplehood was like. They love each other more than they love their next breath, and they respect and want the best for one another. Real love does exist. I have seen it; I have lived it. Instead of choosing not to be interested in dating, maybe just choose better and take it slower next time.

Just take it slow and be friends first. If you are more interested in a promotion at work than dating, that is totally cool. You might find the rewards that you receive from your work accomplishments provide you with enough satisfaction in life.

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No one defines what happiness and success look like but you. If you already have both, or know you can without a mate, then more power to you!

Relationships, even marriage, does not equal a home in the suburbs, a minivan, or a bunch of kids. Find someone who wants the same things in life.

I gotcha on this one. Relationships are never drama-free.

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To make a relationship work, you must put in the time and effort. If you want a drama-free life, then not dating might be the answer for you. The best feeling is being able to make decisions for yourself and do your own thing.

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