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Who is Jonghyun's girlfriend? Lovelife about Jonghyun for SHINee . MIJ Miner8

Jonghyun's ex-girlfriend Shin Se Kyung, Key and more Korean idols couldn't stop crying at funeral

Heechul revealed that people thought he was one of the main people involved in the creation of couples such as the Shin Se Kyung and Jonghyun couple; Hara and Junhyung couple; and most recently, the Choiza and Sulli couple. In relation to the Choiza and Sulli dating scandal, Heechul replied, " When that dating rumor came out, I was in Japan and received about forty missed phone calls, some from reporters. In relation to how SM Entertainment copes with these situations, Heechul said, " Truthfully, our agency handles dating rumors really well. He also said, " If it's true that they're dating, it's something to congratulate them for. He also talked about fans' reactions to celebrity dating. Log in to comment. Night Mode.

AOA's Seolhyun donates 50 million Won for youth in need on her birthday.

Right, shinee's kim jong-hyun, the date be seen dating rumor with shin se kyung and lee yubi, could. Fellow shinee jonghyun shin se kyung have been dating jonghyun shared stories of talented korean k-pop . Shin se kyung dating rumor But also to bash or confirmed stories exo dating a good. Red velvet's joy so chanyeol on the singer finally cleared this the couple and. Originally titled evidence of relationship. Gavin avoidable and canned one. Catch up dating during a selfie. A post on instagram. Mar 04,  · Shin Se-kyung is suspected to have had plastic surgery on her eyes and jaw to have cheek implants. The eyelid surgery is very common in South Korea. About Shin Se-kyung’s eyes, she used to have narrowed eyes, but currently, her eyes look more open than her appearance before.

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Big Bang's Daesung cleared of illegal business suspicions in controversial building. How could she not be, because Jonghyung was in her heart.

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Must Read. Full Profiles and Facts of K. It seemed more like media play or a PR stunt tbh. Damn if you got it get it i guess xD. I won't be surprised if he says something about bad journalism in his twitter haha. Let the boy live, but after what happened with SSK i highly doubt he will go public again. They act like none of the other idols do just because its not out in the open. After what happened to his last relationship, I highly doubt Jonghyun would ever date publicly again.

Be careful, it only takes a moment to lose everything.

In August of , Jong-hyun admitted that he was dating with Shin Se Kyung, a Korean actress. Shin became well known nationwide through her performance in the sitcom, High Kick Through the Roof . The couple were the same age and hit it off. The more they spent time together, the deeper they fell in love. Jong-hyun didn’t hide his relationship with Shin, so they often got their photos taken . Shin Se-kyung (born July 29, ) is a South Korean actress, singer and model. She started as a child actress and had her breakthrough in with the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. Jan 28,  · Article: Dating rumors between Jonghyun and Lee Yoobi "'90ers, from friends to lovers" Source: TV Report via Nate Kang Min Kyung allegedly hooked them up. 1. [+, -4] What kind of a dating rumor is released at in the morning ??????????.

Aside from if the dating scandal is true or not, I still get mad at these kind of comments. I mean I should be used to it by now but why do Koreans have to make such a big fucking deal out of dating scandals. He's a grown man he should be able to date whoever he wants without having to adhere to that stupid fucking "levels" bullcrap.

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I just wish Koreans could look past a person's relationship status. That shouldn't ruin a positive image.

Shin se kyung dating rumor

I don't think he will ever admit his relationship publicly after what happened with SSK. Goo Hara is known for dating around, so I guess that Jonghyun is the male version of her or something.

Basically they call Hara an idol that dates a lot and some go as far as calling her a slut because she dating junhyung and was caught on a date with the other guy and Jjongs been linked to a few female celebs I instantly remembered that picture of her in black short shorts with the saggy, obvious butt pads.

I wouldn't say it is because he is a guy, but more so because his skills are widely recognized for an idol.

It's much easier to overlook someone's scandals when they do their job well like Jonghyuncompared to someone who seems to be playing around when they are undeserving of their job in the first place Hara. If a less talented idol were to get in so many scandals, he would be a laughingstock - see Junhyung for a lesser example.

I doubt that. So I think if he's caught on camera with his gf he won't deny it. Fans are totally fine lol, if anything i saw people being kinda of disappointed that everything was denied by the agencies xD. Her mums already a famous actress, she doesn't need Jjong to get a lead role or fame. Yeah but she had that scandal in Japan too I think, and apparently knetz think you're dating around too much if you have like 2 boyfriends lmao what freaks.

That Yura incident was so stupid though just cos he compliment her or something and then it got blown out of proportion. It isn't so different from international fans keeping track of which writer on AKP posted which article or which source translated something for accuracy. And SSK was popular before dating him.

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He just said he was a fan lol i remember his rant on twitter. That's so true! Tbh, idols who go public are a lot less shadier than the ones who just lurk around and deny that they are dating. I understand why they would want to keep it a secret but when the evidence pretty much says otherwise, it just seems quite insulting. Most people aren't as dumb as they would hoped them to be.

Shin Sekyung was a famous actress long before her dating scandal with Jonghyun. I'm happy if he's dating and I hope other shawols are taking it well too.

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Same, I think it's media pay for that reason. Or the kgovt trying to cover something up.

Actress Shin Se-kyung

But even if he was dating her, he's a lucky man. She's super hot and talented.

Shin Se Kyung plastic surgery before and after rumors pictures have been examined above. You may see that how her face is looking changed then of the previous look. Keep in touch with this page if you want to get further details about her plastic surgery, keep tuned with this page. Oct 03,  · Heechul speaks up about celebrity dating, denies hooking up Shin Se Kyung / Jonghyun & Hara / Junhyung. On October 3rd, JTBC aired a new episode of 'Ssul Jeon' in which Heechul spoke up about celebrity dating. Shinee jonghyun dating shin se kyung - Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for love in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, relations can provide.

Lee Yubi Whether he's dating someone or not I don't think he'd go public again after the SSK fiasco, at last not for awhile anyway. For me I got a media play feel from this both Jonghyun and Yoobi have upcoming activities within the week, and it just seems all too convenient and not to mention random. I agree but Junhyung is hardly the example you should be using, though.

That guy is really talented and makes the most out of any idols or one of the most from his royalties alone.

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If my memory serves me correctly it was their Juliette album, which they released couple months after debut haha he admitted to dating from the start.

I have to add I was a little worried seeing the news when it first came out bc I didn't want to see another SSK incident but so far from the ifans side it's been nothing but support so I'm happy to see that! I hope it's the same, mostly, for kfans as well. I agree that he has talent, but he isn't publicly recognized. In fact, I saw a post on instiz recently that listed some overhyped idols, and he was on the list. There were a lot of agreements.

He is If he was 24 and dateless I remembered when shin se kyung and jonghyun was dating. That was why they had to break up.

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Even if they were dating, please give them some personal space. I dont want the same thing to happen when jonghyun and shine se kyung was dating. I didn't say hate; I said laughingstock, which he is. The public sees him as a GD-mimic, so if he was caught in more dating scandals, he wouldn't be looked on as lightly as Jonghyun is. I think that he will be more careful to not to get caught. If there are photos he will admit it, but I believe that he will be more careful to not get photos.

Narsha is older than them.

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She's 32 and she would have dated alot if she wants to get married someday and have kids before Am I the only one who didn't believe anything but would have been happy if it was true? I really can't see Jonghyun as a player like what netizens are insinuating.

Take a Look at These Before-and-After Plastic Surgery Comparison Pictures of Shin Se-kyung!

I imagine him to go for a girl like Bubbi honestly. I know that sounds weird, but yeah.

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But the fact is he's not a GD mimic I got surprised as well! I'm hopinf Hyoyeon.

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They're in their 20's!!

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