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How to Describe Yourself in One Sentence: Elevator Pitch Examples

Also, when looking for date spots in Manila keep it simple and go to the malls. The streets are dirty, smelly, falling apart, and over crowded. But then you reach one of the nice shopping malls and they feel like a palace.

They are clean, air conditioned, safe, and have plenty of places to eat, relax, and enjoy some entertainment. Our top date spot in Manila would probably be Bonifacio High Street, there are many nice restaurants here and while they might be a bit more expensive than other places for a westerner they still fit most budgets.

You can find bars and nightclubs here after your meal, or just stroll around outside as this is a well kept area.

We are so quick to say I believe the Lord has given me this person. Are you sure.

How to INTRODUCE Yourself on a Dating Site (6 Examples)

Have you consulted the Lord.

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