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Rune Factory 3 Gameplay Pt.24 ~Ravens secret~

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Did you get something for me? Shara: Do you know where I got my name? Freyr: Hmmm Shara: Here's a hint. It's something that plays a big role in your life here. Freyr: Hmmm? Shara: Oh, do you give up? The answer is Freyr: Oh, Shara is from Sharance!

Of course! Shara: Tee-hee. That's right! My grandfather wanted me to be just as loved as the Sharance Tree. Freyr: Wells must care about you very much. Shara: He's always looked out for me. Shara: Freyr! Are you ready to go?

Rune Factory 3: Date with Daria

Freyr: What? Shara: Aren't you here because of my letter? Yeah, but Then let's go! Aren't you at least going to tell me where we're going first?

who pays

Shara: Nope! It's a surprise! But to start, we're going to head to Privera: Entrnace! I'll give yo more directions when we get there. Let's go! She has a blue bar over her head. When we arrive at the entrance to Daria's house, she says: Shara: Now let's go to the meadow to the west. L Let's go! Shara: We're here!

I wanted you to see this place. Just look at all of these flowers!

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My choices now: It's beautiful. What's the big deal? Choose: It's beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here. Shara: Wow! I'm so glad you like it! I like to come here sometimes and give the flowers a little water.

What I'm feeling, whatever I'm thinking about I tell them everything. I know they're just plants, and they don't understand what I'm saying. But talking to them somehow makes me feel better anyway. Freyr: I'll bet these flowers are so pretty because of you, Shara.

softly, catchee monkey

Shara: What? Freyr: You've given them so much care and attention. No wonder this field is full of beautiful flowers! Shara: Thank you very much. Thank you That's very sweet of you to say. I nod or bow. Shara: Well, I should go home. Freyr: I'll walk you there. Shara: Oh, don't worry about it. We can save that for another date.

Freyr: Ha ha Shara: Thank you for today. I'll see you soon. Shara: Flowers are good for your health! Shara: Yep! You can eat them, and they'll replenish some of your RP. Every one in town says that our flowers taste surprisingly good! If you choose: So? Shara: B-But I thought you'd like it Freyr: Oh, uh I was just joking Shara: Hehe, you're so cute. I knew you were. Shara: I like to come here sometimes and give the flowers a little water.

Event continues as with other response now. Come talk to me for your first request. Freyr: Yes. Shara: I've been handing out flower growing kits to spread interest in growing flowers. So I have one for you too, Freyr. Oh, and you could even show me the flowers when they've grown. I'd like that. Request completed! Shara's Wooly Request Shara: I need your help. I want to meet a wooly. Shara: You're here about my request.

Freyr: Yep. Shara: Okay, so You've seen a lot of monsters, right? Freyr: I sure have. Shara: Um The music stops now and the Event continues in dead silence. Shara: I'm looking for a particular monster.

Freyr: Which one? Shara: It's a wooly. Freyr: Oh, sure. Those things are all over Privera Forest. Shara: No! It's not just a regular wooly A special musical theme begins now. Shara: I'm looking for a special wooly that wandered into town a while ago.

It was on the day you came to town. It collapsed right in front of our flower shop. I brought it inside and tended to its wounds. But when I took my eyes off of it for a second, it disappeared.

I looked around everywhere, but I couldn't find any trace of it. Freyr sweating profusely : It's probably fine by now. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Uh, was there something special about that wooly? Shara: Yes! It was a very strange wooly. It had golden wool, a blue scarf, and a funny hat that looked like the top of an acorn.

Conflict Music now Freyr:?!

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Shara: What is it? Freyr: Uh, um, ah, it's nothing! N-N-Nothing at all!! Shara: have you seen it?! Freyr: No!

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Definitely not! I've never seen it in my entire life! Freyr: No, never! In fact, I haven't seen any woolies lately. I can hardly even remember what they look like! This despite the fact that a tame Wooly is working in his field as he speaks! The Combat Music now shifts to the ordinary Shop Theme.

Shara: I see What a shame. I just want to know that it's okay. Freyr: I-I'll tell you what. Let me go take a look. Maybe I can find your wandering wooly. Shara: Huh? But I thought you hadn't seen any woolies lately Freyr: Uh, I think I'll be able to find this one. Trust me. I've got a good feeling. Shara: Okay.

Thank you. Freyr: Okay, let me think That wooly she's describing That has to be me I see So that was Shara's house that I woke up in I've got to let her know it's okay. I'll transform and talk to her. You will not be able to transform in front of Shara.

Teleport home and transform outside your own door, then return to Shara. Shara: It's you!! Are you okay?! Freyr with music : Baaah! He performs a little twirl as if to demonstrate that he is not wounded. Shara; Oh, thank goodness I was so worried about you after you disappeared like that! Freyr: Bah. Shara: Are you getting enough to eat? Do you have a warm, comfy place to sleep?

good turn

He performs another twirl with music. Freyr: Bah, bah. Shara laughing That's great! Shara: Oh, that's right. She gives me an apple. Shara: here, this is for you.

Freyr: Bah, bah! He twirls again with music. Bah, bah bah! Shara: Oh are you going already? Well, I am very limited in terms of conversational gambits Freyr: Bah!

That's too bad. Shara: come by and see me again sometime. I'll have some delicious Cakes waiting for you. Shara: Take care! Freyr: Baaaaaaaaaaah. Freyr: Whew. Maybe I'll transform back and talk to her. Transform in any location where no other villagers are present, then find Shara to speak to her. That golden wooly just came to see me! Freyr: Really?! I was so surprised!

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It was so cute! So soft and fluffy. I just wanted to hug it! Freyr: I-Is that right? Freyr: N-No, it's nothing. Shara: Really? I feel like there's something you aren't telling me Anyway, I saw my wooly, so I owe you a Formula A.

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Freyr: Oh, that's okay. I didn't do anything. Shara: laughing Please. I insist. I have a feeling you did a little more than you're letting on. Freyr: But Shara: No arguing! It's yours. Freyr: Thanks a lot! Well, thank you very much. Shara: Thank you very much! I'm the one who should thank you.

She gave me 9 Formulae A. Can you help? Reward: None if you give her money; 1 Rice Ball if you give her a Waterpot Details: Either offer to give her money or give her a Waterpot. Shara: Freyr My favourite waterpot broke I'm borrowing Grandma's right now, but It's just not the same. Freyr: I see Shara: I need to find a new waterpot Poor, poor Mr. Freyr: And Mr. Sprinkles is? Shara: It was the name of my loyal and trusty Tin Waterpot.

You know, because it sprinkled water. Freyr: I Freyr: don't cry. Shara, I'll - Your choices now: Get you a waterpot! Give you money! Be your waterpot! If you choose: Get you a waterpot! Freyr: You bet!

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I'll pick out a special one. Shara: You don't have to get me anything too fancy. I'll really be happy with any waterpot that works. Freyr: Leave it to me! If you perform this Request early in the game, you won't be able to give her anything better than an Old Waterpot. If you give her an Old Waterpot: Shara: What's this? Freyr: Your new waterpot! Shara with tear : Th-thank you very much.

Freyr: Do you like it?

Rune factory 3 dating guide

Shara: Oh, umm. Shara with tear W-Well It's definitely ground-breaking! Freyr laughing obliviously You think? I'm glad that you like it. It was really worth the effort! Shara: I'm so happy to get a waterpot from you My grandfather went a little overboard and got too many of these. Please have some. She gives you a Chest with a Rice Ball inside. Freyr: I hope you get to use that waterpot a lot!

This is my little guide for Rune Factory 4. rune factory 4 dating guide Dylas' marriage town event and wedding Rune factory 4 dylas proposal event Rune Factory 4 introduces dating system to Rune Factory series Tinder is the app that This is a guide for marriage and confessions (becoming lovers) in . Hey there I'm Belinda a new, young and pretty sexy Mombasa call girl for the best sexual encounters at your convenience. Well groomed and available Rune Factory 4 Dating Guide / People who have played Rune Factory 2 might recognize this ring as Mana's proposal item. The recommended level for crafting this item is 20 and you must obtain 2 Silver and a Ruby. To get the double bed, you need to defeat the twins monster at Oddward.

Shara: Yes If you choose: Freyr: Give you money! Shara: N-No, I couldn't! Freyr: Don't worry about it. You've done so much for me.

Shara: Are you sure? Freyr: Yeah. Just htink of it as rent for the Sharance Tree. You gave her G. Shara: Thank you so much! I'm going to buy a new Mr.

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Sprinkles with this! Freyr: That sounds like a good plan. I'm happy I could help! Shara: hee hee! No Reward.

For Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you date/marry in this game?". rune factory 4 dating guide Rune factory 4 dating guide - Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. Want to meet eligible. You will need to be dating them with a friendship level of 10 hearts (the max amount) and have cleared their events, and this can happen as a new one. For Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Basics of Dating???".

It appears that it is better to buy even an inferior Waterpot for her than to give her the money for a new Waterpot. If you choose: Be your waterpot! I'm being serious! Freyr: I-I'm sorry You then will need to speak to her again to make a different choice.

Please help me find them Shara: Freyr, did you see the bulletin board? Freyr: Yes, you lost something? I'll go look for it. Where did you lose it? Freyr: Don't worry about me. I want to help. Shara: No, I couldn't. It's too dangerous. Didn't you just need some help looking for something you lost? Shara: Well, it's true that I lost some very important seeds, but But where I lost them Freyr: I see. Somewhere very dangerous?

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Shgara: Yes. That's why I'll just give up on it You don't need to do that. You can count on me. So you don't mind at all? Freyr: Not at all! Shara: I'm sue I dropped the seeds around Oddward Entrance. I went back when I noticed they were missing, but couldn't find them.

I'm sure a monster took them with it. Freyr: So I think that it's somewhere in the valley. I'll go look. Shara: Oh, wait! Please take this with you. You can eat it when you get hungry. It's the only thing that I can do for you Freyr: Oh, it's plenty. Shara: Please be careful Resists all status effects. Shara: I need your advice It's about Monica. Do you think you could help? Shara: You're here about my request on the bulletin board?

I have a small problem that I wouldn't mind some help with. That's what I'm here for. It's about Monica I'm sure you've noticed, but she's very shy around people. That might be okay now, but I'm worried that she won't grow out of it. So I was hoping that you might be able to give me some advice. That's a tough one What's something that Monica likes?

Shara: Something she likes? Well, she likes anything that has to do with accessories Freyr: Hmm I can't see how that'll help us Oh, wait Freyr: Did you think of something else?

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Shara: She had a favourite fairytale when she was younger. What was it? Shara: Well, it was called 'The Rose Prince'. One day, a handsome prince saw a very beautiful girl in the forest. He could see that she was terribly lost, and wanted to help. But he didn't want her to see him. She woul recognise him as the prince, and fall all over him just like all the other girls in the kingdom. He had a rose bouuet with him, though. It was a gift that he was supposed to give to a princess he'd been arranged to marry.

So the prince took his bouquet apart rose by rose and left a trail of roses for the girl to follow to safety. But the girl was faster than the prince expected. She caught him as he was laying down the last rose at the end of the forest. She loved him, but not just because he was a prince. She loved him for the kindness of his gesture. And the prince knew he'd found his princess. Monica loved that story. She said she'd marry a prince like that some day. Although now she's too shy to read it anymore Freyr: Hey.

That's cute. Shara: That's it! Don't you think that Monica might have an easy time talking to 'The Rose Prince'? Freyr: Uh, I guess so? Shara: He's some one who she's always admired. I'm sure the Rose Prince could open up her heart! Freyr: But how can she talk to a character from a fairytale?

To first start dating any bachelorettes you must get her to at least 7 hearts. After you have done this you can ask her out while your talking to her with L or R on your Nintendo DS. Even though you can take her with you into dungeons before you get her to 7 hearts you still cannot take her on a date. You also can't be on a request. Each of the bachelorettes have a favorite location to go on dates. She will say when you ask her out.

Each area has a different dialog. After you get married it will be the same though. To get married you must have the bachelorette at 10 hearts, have united the town and the Univir, have to have the double bed purchased from Diamond General Store and complete all of her requests.

It's from the game, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Relationships (RF3)

User Info: Darkzore. Or at least I can pretend. FCs in profile. More topics from this board GameFAQs Answers. Side Quest 1 Answer Where can I find a fire ring? Side Quest 2 Answers Rune spheres?

General 3 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Are there date spots like in RF3? Or do they just tail you the entire time? User Info: Pokedude21 Pokedude21 6 years ago 2 In RF4, you talk to them and ask them out You have several options in town or you can let your partner decide.

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