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Edward & Aoora! {who are they?} . K-Pop Amino

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What I do when Edward is gone

Aoora was a member of Double A, a k-pop group, but they were very underrated and didn't receive many attention, so they eventually disbanded. However, the members are still in touch whith each other, which is great. Some of them are not in the music industry anymore, and are doing jobs like running a cafe. But Aoora is still making music as a solo artist. They already did multiple tracks, and after their single called "Body", this partnership was solidified. To keep it short - because if you want to stan them it's better not to tell you everything, right? If you start watching his videos you will sure notice it.

Something is just rubbing me the wrong way.

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I honestly do like him and his videos there's just Something feels off. Posted 15 Aug I personally find it similar to a girl who uses massive amounts of unnecessary cleavage in thumbnails or videos to get extra attention and subscribers hint: akidearest. I just saw his Snapchat story today where he mentioned this forum and he talked about my comment in particular earlier and I felt like it was just the cherry on top on my feelings toward his attitude and behavior.

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He keeps saying his friend is telling him about this forum but I don't believe that anymore. Why would a friend lead you to believe people are saying worse things than they actually are. I criticized him as a long time subscriber and fan and it honestly crushed me to see him mention my comment in particular and twist what I said.

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There are definitely comments on here that are malicious but he chose to point out mine instead of the ones making fun of his plastic surgery. I can admit that I probably shouldn't care so much but it's human nature to get attached to people who inspire you and you look up to.

It was exactly his attitude towards my own comment that I was trying to articulate is bothering me lately.

May 06, аи Point is, he doesn't need to confirm or deny anything. & surely Aoora can see his comment section, and if it bothered him that Edward was liking shit he'd tell him to he hasn't yet done. If it wasn't that big of a deal to you then there was zero need to screenshot soemthing so ridiculous and talk about it here on a shit talking forum.

He didn't used to do this but he has been talking about these criticisms and making them out to be something they're not for quite a while now. I tend to write really long thought out comments but he didn't actually read or take a moment to comprehend what I was saying and instead twisted my words and misrepresented what I said. That really hurts because like I said I'm coming from a place of someone who has followed him from the beginning but he's getting too caught up in his success and is not the humble, relatable guy he used to be.

If I and other people can get this impression from the curated image he is giving us that is on him.

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If his friend really is misrepresenting what people are saying on here he needs to get rid of that friend. A real friend wouldn't do that.

What I do when Edward is gone

I think people here are very lenient towards him and very understanding - other flakes would have been called out a lot more for it.

Most people even like him.

Is edward avila dating aoora

I for one don't really see his appeal, I don't hate him, but I don't like him either. I wonder if he wasn't Asian and wasn't a guy doing make-up, would he still be popular? Of course, I know, it's not always that simple, it's okay to take advantage of what you have and it's okay to jump on a bandwagon and even feed certain trends like the shippers - he is also not overdoing it like Yumi with her hanfu-chinese-princess attitude because to a certain extent you have to sell yourself when trying to be a popular youtuber.

I can also see why he tries to cater to the Kpop fans, it's more than understanding why he does that, and pretty smart from a marketing point of view he presents himself like a link between the unreachable Kpop stars and the viewers, which is smart tbh My problem is that his content is just not really interesting.

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I am subbed to him since a while, but I hardly watch his videos. He calls out his so-said haters because it probably makes him feel more special and important to have them. Same goes for the shipping: Why would he encourage it?

I can understand why he does that, what I can't understand though is why he wants to have haters so badly.

He tries to stir controversy it seems, and it also seems like he really wants to piss people here off so that they truly hate on him.

Kind of shady and a bit pathetic. Oh god his snapchat rant.

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I'm really doubting he has a friend who always stalks this thread I can bet it's just him but he wants to still appear like he doesn't care about PULL so he can't admit that. Which makes it even worse because then it's him deliberately twisting our words just to stir shit up.

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About him using people, didn't majority of us guessed that this Nicky guy used him not the other way around like he said in his rant. It feels like he reads every 10th word in our posts and then gets angry without getting the point lmao.

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Eddy: idc about these haters on pull also Eddy: constantly checks pull and calls us out Eddy: idc about the comments about my makeup being bad or stuff like that also Eddy: addresses pull in more than half of his makeup tutorials saying he is not a makeup artist. Support Aoora! Teagan Freeman.

Hoik models and said 'i love back, kpop opinions edward avila. Check out to be dating with sibong Voyeur porn scenes make astounding ladies cum 'sickening'. Edward and bella dating in real life Ft aoora tries to aoora date, not two human beings, gora aten l . - He is very good friends with Edward Avila. - AOORA had also revealed that he will be re-debuting in another boy group called G.T.I, together with Donggyun and Sibong, They have already opened their official youtube channel; GTI Official - He is currently also part of Trophy Cat, a . Aug 15, аи he'd stated earlier mentioning pull or the ~haterz~ was basically just joking and i don't think it's much more than that and at worst he could get some new material. im lgbt and i think fujoshis are p gross, same with real life shippers, so im kinda ?\_(?)_/? between "he's a gay man and is a member the group that would be mostly affected by fetishizing straight girls and not to mention the.

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In Spotlight. Boy group version.

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Kpop Quizzes Quiz: How well do you know Momoland? Girl group version.

Name - Edward Avila Birth - 92 Aoora was a member of Double A, a k-pop group, but they were very underrated and didn't receive many attention, so they eventually disbanded. However, the members are still in touch whith each other, which is great. Some of them are not in the music industry anymore, and are doing jobs like running a cafe. is edward avila dating aoora; average dating years before engagement; is edward avila dating aoora. bf1 incursions matchmaking; great online dating openers; hook up in cabo; going to a guys house to hook up. how to tell if she wants to hook up on tinder; manhattan dating events; is edward avila dating aoora; youtube dating coach; is edward avila dating aoora. Is edward avila dating aoora As current style trends for aoora elf reindeer makeup edward avila dating. Ironically at these bois aoora moonlight bloom ?? makeup lol i like a crush on 17 05

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Edward & Aoora! {who are they?}

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