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Are Chelsea Meissner & Austen Kroll Still Dating & Together? .

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Southern Charm: Chelsea and Austen's Flirty Date (Season 4, Episode 6) - Bravo

When Chelsea Meissner became a series regular on Southern Charm , she immediately found herself in the middle of a love triangle with Shep Rose and Austen Kroll. Though Chelsea and Shep never happened she did date Austen briefly only to eventually flame out. But in Season 6 she revealed she was dating someone new. So who is Chelsea's boyfriend on Southern Charm? Looks like Chelsea's beau has a passion for adventure that compliments Chelsea's fiery personality quite nicely. Southern Charm: What Kind of Guy Does Chelsea Want to Date? (S5, E11) - After Show - Bravo

When she first appeared on the show, she was in a love triangle between Austen and Shep that led her to date Austen for several months.

When the pair broke things off, it seemed like Chelsea had shied away from discussing her personal life in detail on the show.

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But, she did eventually open up about a new beau, leading many to wonder who exactly he is. Is Chelsea from Southern Charm still with her boyfriend?

Oct 10, †∑ Austen was having a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Chelsea and started dating blissfully but the relationship didnít last long. Though they parted ways, Austen claims that he has a great friend in Chelsea and hangs out a lot with his former girlfriend. May 29, †∑ Although the reality star hasn't been super outspoken about her romantic relationships, Chelsea's dating life isn't exactly a secret to Southern Charm fans, either. See her romance with Austen. Jun 05, †∑ When Southern Charm fans first met Chelsea, she was dating Austen. The two have since both moved on to new significant others, and Chelsea's boyfriend Nick is the Southern Charm star's perfect match.

Plus, find out all the details on the surprising revelation that she appeared on and almost won the reality TV competition Survivor. Chelsea's Instagram page began to showcase some pictures with a mystery man named Nick Dana back in the summer of Nick is a professional sailor for America's Cup, meaning that he's traveling most of the year.

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Chelsea did open up about the long-distance nature of their relationship on the August 7 episode of the show. While eating lunch with her dad, Chelsea talked about how she viewed his job as cool, while her dad wondered if she needed more stability.

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Jul 18, †∑ Southern Charm Cameran Eubanks Shares Her Take On If Chelsea Meissner Will End up with Shep Rose or Austen Kroll He shared that he's currently single following their breakup and back on . Is Chelsea from Southern Charm still with boyfriend Nick Dana? Chelsea's Instagram page began to showcase some pictures with a mystery man named Nick Dana back in the summer of Nick is a professional sailor for America's Cup, meaning that he's traveling most of the Shannon Raphael. Jul 05, †∑ Looks like love is in the air for Chelsea Meissner. The Southern Charm pal is dating a special sailor, Nick Dana, who has won her heart, as she recently confirmed to The Daily Dish.

Chelsea's co-star and best friend Cameran Eubanks did confirm that Nick is a catch, and that the pair are great together. When Meissner came on the scene this season, Cameran Eubanks had it in her mind that she was going to get Meissner together with co-star Shep Rose. When Kroll started hanging out with Meissner, Rose felt a bit slighted by Kroll and let him know it.

Apr 12, †∑ In Season 4 of Southern Charm I was rooting for Austen Kroll and Chelsea Meissner, I really was. But now that it's Season 5, it looks like their romance has hit quite a snag, and Austen is no.

This was the beginning of a sometimes awkward love triangle between the three cast members. However, by the looks of things lately, the three seem to be getting along well. Have a look at the below photo of Meissner, Rose and Kroll partying together recently.

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We need help. So happy for you lady. Since then, Chelsea's posted a few photos from the couple's travels together.

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He took her sailing in The Netherlands in late July. They then traveled back to his home state of Rhode Island in August to spend some low key time together.

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The pair later celebrated the new year in Tasmania together. In Episode 3, Chelsea's dad assumed there could be no future for them because of Nick's hectic schedule, but Chelsea corrected him to say they were planning a life together for after those three contract years.

Her father may be skeptical of the long distance working out, but he was a fan of Nick's at least. Chelsea clearly agrees, since they've been going strong for almost a year already.

Move over, Austen Kroll - your ex-girlfriend Chelsea Meissner appears to have found her "stallion," and heís a cute new sailor! On Tuesday, the Southern Charm star posted a smiley photo with year-old Volvo Ocean racer Nick Dana as the two hung in The Hague. Jul 10, †∑ This season on Southern Charm, Austen Kroll has been off and on dating Shep Roseís crush Chelsea Meissner throughout the season, but the couple definitely appeared to be catching serious feelings Author: Lauren Weigle. May 11, †∑ Chelsea Meissner was recently dating her ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll. The two met on the Southern Charm show where Austen is also a cast member. Still, in the same show, another star by the name Shep Rose was also eyeing Sid Vyper.

It helps that they have so much in common to keep their LDR rooted. Chelsea's Bravo bio says it was her "passion for travel" that led her to meet Nick in the first place.

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