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How can you feel bad for someone that gets bitten playing with a snake that bites. You can't domesticate a caveman and for the women that try well I guess cops would be out of business if not for these guys.

Once a women makes a choice in a mate based on what will be good for her future, her distant family, and her future kids then she'll make the right call if she choices what she wants right now then she'll get just that momentary satisfaction and a lifetime of regrets.

Thugs are equivilant to a female prostitute until Black people realize that our race will continue to be the laughing stock of america. I always find it interesting that many a 40 something black "female" will almost ALWAYS support ANY dysfunctional behavior by black people and specifically young sisters who dont know any better that they should be reaching out to.

It's also interesting that more than a few of them will actually continue to "carry on" like their 20 something year old daughters up to an including chasing after thugs which is in itself a symptom of dysfunction. SO for the sister who made the comments and went on the attack of a SENSIBLE blog post here, if all you can say for YOURSELF at age 40 something is that YOU like thugs and then tell us all of your material possessions like that stuff even matters in context then that only speaks to you being: a part of a problem affecting a black community at large which you probably dont even consider yourself part and b if you have daughters in the demographic he speaks of they probably are following your example as fruit never falls far from the tree.

I am equally if not moreso dissappointed in those old enuf to reach one teach one that would prefer to stay forever young like Peter Pan.

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I could go on forever about this topic because it is such a sign of a failure in black America and it hurts to see it spread as it is.

What I would like to state is that when black women do respond with comments such as the reader above did with the statement "I LOVE THUGS"; the one thing that never really happens afterwards is a response from them as to "Why? It always seems so easy to just say you want or deserve something, but never ease to defend or support it in any way. You'll either get a weakly supported response along the lines of, "Well, they can be a gentleman when they need to and get street when they need to.

I personally can tell you that for my entire life I haven't experienced or met another black man that really has "had to get street" if he kept his nose clean and just promoted his life in the right way. If you go to an all black club swinging a 40" platinum chain with gold teeth and displaying a bulldogish glare at anyone that looks in your direction, then maybe, yes, you'll have to get street, but in the end, where's the value-add in any of that type of life style?

I mean, live your life, promote your family, increase your value on earth as an individual rather than try to live a life of veracity and crime.

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I under stand thugs, but I'll never understand the women that chase them, in the end they always get what's coming to them. In his comment he stated that he was a educated man with a steady job and completely drama free.

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Well, I'm a sista who has dated every type of man from a Lawyer to a Ex-Con and I can tell you from experience, a lot of men who exhibit those same qualities as the guy who posted his comments do not come drama free either. While they may have an education and are regularly employed it doesn't mean that they are interested in treating a woman any better than a say a "thug" type of man.

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I dated a man once who was a Lawyer and in fact owned his own Law firm. He was very educated and extremely intelligent. Well this particular gentlemen and several of his friends who were basically cut from the same cloth, were very cocky and down right obnoxious to say the least. Reason being, they know that men like themselves are few and far between, therefore they have the right to be selective when it comes to dating women.

If they don't want to date a women with a child, then they don't. If they don't want to date a woman with some extra meat on her bones, then they won't. And if they don't want a woman who makes a less than they do for fear that she may be a gold digger, than guess what they absolutely will not. Men like this know that they are the cream of the crop and they know that in this day and time that makes them a hot commodity on the dating market.

So rather than choose a nice woman to spend a lot of time with, they choose several women that they can spend little to no time with. Hit and quit, then their suddenly out of pocket.

Because they can do that. Most men like this value their careers way more than their women. She has to get in where she fits in and they fail to make a woman feel special or secure.

Instead they feel as if the woman should go out their way to show them THEY are the special ones, and in the end they end up choosing a women of a different sort all together.

Yes, you guessed it a white woman. Some one to hang on their every word and cast an image of success their way. Only in the end they find out that the white woman wants to same thing as a black woman or any other woman for that matter. And if they don't give it to them, then their out the door with half of their husbands net worth as a consolation prize.

Now for the brothers that have the regular jobs and support themsselves, you would think that women are just not up to giving them a chance in this day of the "Thug" as some might say.

Absolutely not true. Men like this run just as much game and pull you into just as much drama as the thugs. Women do want nice decent men, but the truth is there are not a lot of them out there. People like you often get it twisted and want to lump men into two categories: Thugs and Decent Men. When in actuallity their are various different categories that men can be placed into but only the Thugs get the bad name. I know guys that are educated and hold down steady jobs but are the biggest whores this side of the planet.

They have numerous baby mama's and treat all of them with disgust. Then their are the men who squander their paychecks on their habits. Habits like smoking, drinking, gambling or other women. Then when its time to go on a date they never have any money and guess who gets stuck with the bill. Lord help him Then their are the men who make you feel that you are not perfect enough for their time and constantly put you down.

Or the kind that just wants to sleep with you, and Lord forbid you ask him to help you do something. That's a sure way to get them to head for the hills in 2. Not to mention all of the down low brothers out there still playing the straight card in public. The point I'm trying to make is that Thugs are so attractive to women because they haven't forgotten that women are beautiful no matter what shape, size or color, they are special.

And while you have thugs that don't want to do anything with their lives not all thugs can be placed in this category. Some "thugs" as you call them have jobs and are educated or intelligent just like the so called "decent man" but the difference is you can see their flaws right off the bat.

They put it all out their for you to see and make no apologies for it. Where as for the regular guys can some times be so uptight and stuck up that they attempt to hide all of this and instead make you believe that its something wrong with you. The problem lies with you The woman and never them. Women love men who are strong, confident and take charge.

I don't necessarily need a man to get into a fight to defend my honor but its nice to know that he would if the situation called for it. I'm madly in love with a "Thug" if you will. He has had dealings with the street life and has made a lot changes in his life that make me oh so very proud of him.

But before that he has never made me feel insecure or bad about myself. He appreciates everything I do and never complains. He treats me like a queen. Something that these so called "decent guys" never have the time for. I wouldn't trade my guy for anything in the world and I know a lot of women feel that way.

All any of us want is to love and be loved and if a "Thug" does it for you then so be it. Interesting column and interesting responses. I personally have no interest in the thug. But, I know plenty of women that do, and I'm confused about it. I just don't get it either.


I am a black woman who wouldn't go anywhere near a thug Give me a decent black man anyday. I'm sure they are out there, and I mean i would love a guy who takes proud of who he is and his people. I have a problem finding a black man who loves black women period.

Jun 03, †∑ WHY ARE WOMEN ATTRACTED TO THUGS? On Professional Black women dating thugs. Women wanting thugs. and they think thats how things are suppose to be. i have asked black woman of ages 18 and up to 50 why do they like thugs, some tell me cause the sex is better, which i think is stupid others tell me cause no one will mess with them and. Gay Thug is for single gay men looking to meet other single men and Thugs Online. We feature only real gay Thugs who are interested in finding other gay men to have a good time. No fake profiles, no spam, just real life guys looking for dates. This . -Mae West She finds out, like thousands of other young Black women before her, that street dudes donít go to school to get an education, they are learning much more practical skills - how to get women and how to fuck. These fellas can throw down in bed and make a woman feel ecstasy and see Jeezus. Dating Thugs, Players and Street Dudes.

Thug or no thug. So i also look outside my race. But that's my thing and where I live. I'm sure there there must be proud black guys somewhere. Dude, if you can't find woman who doesn't like a thug, look in the right places. Look somewhere else. Nobody i know is interested in thugs except college white woman. But that's where i live. I'm sure you'll find her if you figure out where to look.

Anybody can go to college these days so you can't stop there.

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Alright, interesting topic with straight to the point info made by the author. Now here's my two cents into the matter of hand. The author, along with all of us good black men has every right to be mad and dissappointed in black women for having a narrow minded preference for thugs over educated brothas. I cannot get why so many of our women to this very day blatantly insist on dating these thugs despite all the negative stereotypes associated with them. I know the powerful influence of hip hop culture is the culprit behind black women choosing thugs, as it is glorified by the thug rappers themselves, but you would think that after a while, these black women would begin to loose interests in thugs since they've been dating them for so long that they no longer find anything interesting about them, which brings me to my next good point.

Why do thse black women date thugs that have no unique and worthwhile talents, qualities whatsoever? These women date the same old boring, insecure about their manhood and personality that I need to be a thug to prove how much of a man I am to black woman, black men instead of dating an educated or decent brotha who's not afraid to be themselves and has some unique qualties and talents thats make him stand out from the rest of thugs.

I'm a perfect example of this as I'm a 20year old educated black male, majoring in game design, and I can speak Japanese nearly fluent, can draw, and can do cartoon character impersonations, and that's what makes me a truly worthwhile and valuable partner for any black woman out there. I suggest that from now on, us black men and black women should start seeking out other good black men and black women that have unique qualities and personalities that stand out from the norm. I got tired of being attracted to sexy, hoochie sistas because of their looks and personalities and not because of any unique qualities they have, which is why I started seeking out black women that are unique and not like hoochies.

I'm 59 and have been married twice to Black Women. I say this, let them have the thugs. For you young educated and even tempered Black man, don't compromise your values.

Feb 09, †∑ Why do women go for thugs? Topic by Truthseeker "Hi fellow MGTOW! I just would like to thank yall for helping me go my own way. I took the redpill at an early age, so it's still hard for me. This community made me feel welcomed because it help me find other like-minded people. I wouldn't know where I'd be if it wasn't for MGTOW. Oct 06, †∑ If you were dating a thug, you'd be on your way to become his family. You'd be better off because he gets more than what he deserves with his normal capacity and share the extra profit with you. But there is always stronger thug than your date just like there will be always stronger imperialist than the current superpower. Apr 02, †∑ 7 things to expect in your relationship with a thug. youíve been hearing since you were a little girl that glorified the thug lifestyle. So, older women would like to give you some advice about what to expect if you enter into a relationship with a thug: situation instead trying to inform somebody of these absurd dangers of dating a.

And don't limit yourselves to Black Women. There's something wrong with them.

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Sure they're educated, are they with Black women? Lets talk about what the Black man likes. He loves that schghettoblonte girl who has slept around with every guy and prefers to have the "good girl" as a best friend or acquaintance.

They much rather have the girls with long flowing hair than even try to speak to a natural sista. How many educated Black men do I see walking around with these types of women vs the women they know are no good and treat them like shit? And because Black women are often labeled "traitors to the race" if they date other men of color - some prefer to just avoid that issue.

Another to touch on, you said you saw that professional woman who "looked like a thug. Do you realize how ignorant you sound? So come again. These types of arguments go both ways. Don't think that men have a leg up on women because we "don't think well enough of ourselves" to date someone other than a thug.

Because yall men do it too. Like you said, its nature. A "thug" can be dressed in a suit, with a Phd, and mansion. But black men are not limited to these images. This is so funny not all black women like thugs. You know what they really want to hear, stuff like baby "how your day? Are you getting the picture?

Somebody brought up the subject of DL men lol most of the time the DL men are the thugs jail time rap in the butt thugs that usually have HIV. Thats why its so easy for them to declare male friends think about it have you ever heard any men saying hey baby lets be friends This movement is strong because of the py era we're living in What ya'll need to do is stop being friends with them because its bad for the male "Ego", its really true.

Also start getting vicious like these women. A woman is quick to call a man ugly, fat, short, tiny penis, but you don't hear men saying it. Its time to start telling the women how much their stuff stinks because nobody else ever did, daddy never did because she was daddy's little princess. Thats why you got these fat nasty or ugly looking women being picky when they know damn well they are in no position to be choosy.

The successful black man is not going out like that. Like I said earlier the successful man doesn't want to come home to a fat Monique with a bitchy attitude. Most dating sites ussually charge you too much and offer too little. Our gay dating services site will give you just what you want.

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A real Gay Thug dating site. Click HERE to learn how to use this and other dating sites safely. All rights reserved. You need a browser with JavaScript support to utilize full potential of the site.

Please enable it in your browser to access site features. Already a member? Forgot your password? These fellas can throw down in bed and make a woman feel ecstasy and see Jeezus. They are usually cut up, lean and fine as hell at least in the body, if not body and face. But there are certain rules a girl must follow if she is going to satisfy her freak with a street dude. The rules are:. You do not have babies by broke ass, or drug dealing, or boosting, or jailbird street dudes.

If you should accidentally get pregnant, you immediately head to the nearest drug store for Plan B, or you hit up the nearest abortion clinic. You are not here to breed the genes of someone that you and the child have no future with. You fuck the dude, and then you leave him where you found him.

I like dating thugs

Really not recommended better to lay in supplies at the crib and fix him a sandwich or burger right quick, but you might get hungry one night when you forgot to go shopping.

You are not his partner - in crime or in any other way. That means no lingering glances, no hand holding, no walking with your arms wrapped around each other, no romantic kisses sneaked in while waiting for your fried chicken order. You are not a couple, remember? Stay focused. You are there for wild, off the chain dick, and then you will leave him where you found him.

You dilly dally and play with them for a minute or two then you move on. They will teach you things you need to know about life and how to handle yourself. They encourage you to be who and what you wanna be in bed and will try anything. When you are done with him, you will be a much wiser, more sensuous, more in touch sexually woman. But remember, you fuck them and then you leave them where you found them. The problem is that young Black girls confuse a good time in bed with thugs and players some serious get down slap yo momma lust, with love.

Then you all wanna try to make a relationship out of sex! When young girls fall in love, they idolize the man they love and create expectations of happily ever after because that is of course how young girls are socialized.

You must keep in the front of your mind that sex and love are not synonymous. If you cannot separate the two acts, then you must remain a virgin or damn near one until you get older and meet a man with some sense.

They are full of tricks, games and manipulative half truths. Women - learn how to fine tune your dating strategy and stop dating the wrong men! Men - if you want to improve your ability to interact with women, you can read this book and learn what NOT to do!

The 24 Types of Suckas to Avoid contains the tools every single woman tired of short-term relationships with losers needs to know. Change what you seek in a partner and how you look for it, quickly eliminating those will do nothing but waste your time in yet another dead-end relationship. Available in paperback and downloadable Ebook formats for Nook, Kindle, iPad, and Android tablets as well.

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