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Hily dating app review (best new dating app - chat, match & meet singles)

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Hily Dating App Ads Compilation

Hily dating app helps you to meet singles in your city, state and country. Online dating is definitely my thing because of my good looks. I really need to thank my parents who gave me such a handsome face! I live in a big city where there are too many single women looking for their dream guys. Who needs online dating when there are hundreds of eligible desperate girls out there? Of course, it has attracted many real users worldwide.

The photos will be blurred here if you do not have a subscription. You can also verify your account and photos, make a feature request, or get into your Account Settings.

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Within settings you can:. Hily says verification is a crucial part of their service which helps provide the highest levels of safety.

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To verify your account, open your profile settings bottom right icon and tap on Verification. You can then select one or more of the verification methods and follow the instructions. Photo verification requires users to make a specified hand gesture next to your face.

Once the photo is uploaded special software then recognizes the gesture and compares the face with the other photos on file. If all methods of verification are complete users get a "Verified" badge displayed on their profile. Under Verification it also states that ID verification is coming soon. We are not sure what that entails but I it most likely deals with uploading a picture of your actual ID. When this feature becomes available we will ate this portion of the review with the latest information.

If a person has a high-risk score, the app can block other users from sending their personal information to that particular profile.

Hily dating app review

Hily offers a free membership which includes basic features that allow you to use the app for finding dates, but it is limited. There is a monthly paid subscription as well called Hily Elixir which includes a number of premium features.

Hily dating customer service

A free trial is also offered that gives you most the benefits of a Hily Elixir. If you do not want to subscribe, some consumable premium features are available to purchase separately.

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Hily subscriptions work on a per week basis. We have included per month costs as well to make it easier to compare with other dating services. The prices we have included are the default no savings price.

I was always skeptical about dating sites because I heard that dating sites charge money for nothing. I found a review of Hily dating services and it made me try it. The service itself looks nice, it charges decent prices for sending letters, and I love the girls on here. They all look so wonderful. I could spend all my free time here/5(26). Jul 26, †∑ is a dating service but I wouldnít call it a typical dating site. It doesnít look at all like the other international dating sites Iíve tested and reviewed. Yes, there is a website version, but this dating service is designed like an app. You can even download it in the Google Play store.4/4. Apr 08, †∑ Hily dating app helps you to meet singles in your city, state and country. This is a new dating app, but itís one of the best%.

Hily really pushes the subscription on their app. If you continue to use the app, the longer you wait in days the greater the subscription savings they will most likely offer you. The subscription page tends to pop up a lot. This includes every time you log in or tap on a feature that is not free.

Ads also pop up every now and then and when you close them, the subscription page will appear notifying you that you can have an ad free experience if only you buy a subscription. Hily also make it difficult to see how to close the subscription window making it easier for members to accidentally tap the wrong button, which then takes you to the app store to subscribe.

If you want to use Hily as a free member or if a user consumes the given amount of features before the end of the subscription period, they may purchase more consumable premium features. Hily does offer the features in packs which can be purchased with or without a subscription.

These features and payment options depends on your location and other factors. They include:. The Hily Daily Carousel also called the Hilly Daily Roulette will appear once a day after you have logged in and used the app for a bit.

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It is a roulette wheel that contains discounts and premium features like Chat Requests, Unblur, and Rollbacks. To play you must tap the "Tap Me" button in the middle of the roulette wheel and wait until it stops spinning to claim your bonus. If you do not like your prize you can defy luck and play the game one more time, tap "Respin", wait and get a different reward.

Discounts are visible only to free members. If a discount is received, you must claim it right away by starting the Hily 7-day free trial. Once the free trial is over the discount will be applied to your weekly subscription. Note, subscriptions auto-renew and it is unclear if the discount is applied only once or every time your subscription renews.

Customer Questions & Answers

The weekly subscription is also Hilys most expensive option so if you plan to use Hily for a while,it still may be cheaper and go for one of the longer subscriptions which are found under your Profile. In the Hily app the bottom menu bar is where you can access everything. This includes Finder card stack iconMessages comment iconStories play iconEvents bell icon and your profile and account settings user icon.

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When you get a new message, like, or other similar action, the appropriate icon will also show a small highlighted notification icon with a number indicating how many new notifications there are. When you are using the Finder, looking at Stories, pursuing the Events, or viewing a Hily profile there are several dating tools you have access too including:.

The Finder on Hily is the start page for the app and also can be accessed by tapping the icon in the bottom left corner.

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The Finder shows you a photo one at a time along with the first name and age of the member. You can either swipe right to Like the profile or swipe left to Skip. When you view a profile directly to do this in Finder tap the photo you also get the same options but must click on the heart icon to Like or the X icon to Skip. Review: An Interesting New Dating App

To communicate with another member on Hily you both are required to Like each other before one of you can initiate communication. The only way around this is if you use a Chat Request available with the subscription or as a separate purchase. If you accidentally Liked or Passed on a member, you can undo the last swipe by tapping the double arrow button at the top to perform a Rollback.

??We're so excited to announce: HILY climbed over ONE BILLION SWIPES RIGHT! It's a great milestone for us! Thanks a lot for being so active! ?? Swipe right more and find your S.O. a lot faster! #hilydate #hilyapp #hilylove #hily #dating #datingapp #datenight #date #love #couples #singles #travelling #traveling #perfectmatch #lookingforlove #specialone #relationships # Followers: 47K. "Hily" is a dating app for twenty something singles who are looking for a simple way to find other singles in their area. No searching needed as Hily learns as you .

So how does Hily determine which matches to show you? Hily uses machine learning to analyze your actions on the app. From what profiles and photos you view, members you like or skip, messages sent and replied too, and Stories you watch, Hily identifies suitable matches for you to view in the Finder. The more the app is used, the more information the AI has to base on these suggested matches.

Of the profiles which get positive responses from you, Hily also identifies the interests and preferences that seem to spark your interest the most and includes this in the analysis. With all that goes on behind the scenes for matching with Hily, means actual matches both members like each other happen more often than in other similar type of dating apps. If you still wish to fine tune your matches, you can modify the filters icon for it found in the top right.

Hily also has no customer service, so you're left to dispute the charge with your bank. Just avoid this dumpster fire. This doesn't even include the fact that the app is incapable of finding a match that isn't thousands of miles away. Dec 27, †∑ With more than 10 million users worldwide, Hily is the fastest growing dating app. Hily makes it easy to meet new people, find dates, and form meaningful connections. ? KEY FEATURES: ? Meet new single people, and form meaningful connections as much as you want/5(K). It's faster with Hily dating apps. Upload to your mobile now.

Free members can modify Gender and Age Range filters. The rocket icon in a top right corner of the Finder is "Boost" icon. If you want to increase your profile views and likes you may use this option by tapping on the icon subscription or purchase required.

To view all your matches, your Likes, and members who have Liked you subscription required you can view the Events section Bell icon on the bottom bar. Stories can be accessed by tapping the Play icon on the bottom bar. Stories are short videos members record on their phones. The top row of the Stories section contains the top 10 stories near your location.

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As you scroll down you will see "Recent Stories" which are more videos uploaded from members near you. Tap on a Story to view the video.

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While the video is playing you can Like the video by tapping the heart icon in the bottom right corner. To view the profile of the member you must tap on their profile photo found in the top left corner. Once the video you are viewing is finished the next video in the list will play.

Press the record button to record your video. You can then review your video and upload if you choose or retake it. Your Story will be published once it has been approved by a moderator. The Hily app was launched in and late in it received its first major ate.

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However, iTunes is currently bombarded with all kinds of dating apps and Apple is busy deleting many of them. Clearly, the competition is increasingly stiff in the online dating industry and most dating apps have failed.

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It has invested a lot in its marketing, so it has attracted many members quickly. Having said that, Hily needs to be more innovative and bring more unique features to its users so that it will become a more valuable dating product for online daters who are looking for love in the cyber space. Hily is probably founded by a wealthy company because it can afford big marketing campaigns to get more users fast. Yes, according to Jack Trout and Al Rieshaving funds to invest in promotion is an immutable law of marketing.

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