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How To Use Gibson Serial Numbers To Date Your Guitar

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An Epiphone with NO Serial Number??? How to date

Like a fingerprint or a social security number, the series of digits inked or impressed on the back of a Gibson headstock can go a long way toward identifying a guitar. But, with more than 75 years of shipping records in the Gibson books, and dozens of variations on numerical schemes used over the years, serial numbers sometimes do little to shed light on the origin of a mysterious Gibson. With vintage Gibsons selling at auction for as much as half a million dollars, Davidson will sometimes roll up his sleeves and poke around in the ledgers, but only as time allows. The earliest volumes contain hundreds of yellowed pages covered front and back with rows of handwritten numbers. It can take Davidson several hours to locate a specific serial number, if he can find it at all.

To combat the problem, the company upped its serial number sequence last year from eight digits to nine. Davidson is quick to point out that consumers have good reason to be alarmed by real or perceived discrepancies on Gibson models. For the most part, it looks real.

How To Use Gibson Serial Numbers To Date Your Guitar

But there are some obvious indicators-if it starts with a five, for instance. Or it might be an eight-digit serial number that indicates it was built on the th day of the year. Our customers want serial numbers to be formatted a certain way-like they used to be.

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For more information on Gibson's serial numbers, refer to our online guide here. Follow Gibson on Facebook and Twitter for guitar giveaways, new product launches, music news and much more!

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dating gibson guitars by reference of serial numbers Gibson has used various methods of numbering from , so it is not simply based on the serial number to identify the year of manufacture. From to , Gibson instruments have a serial number or a FON (Factory Order Number) or both.

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Dating vintage gibson guitars serial number

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GIBSON - Serial Number Of Gibson Guitars

Events Calendar. Inthe first number was 0. From toGibson branded guitars used a different numbering series than Epiphone. Inall of the guitars produced that were not part of the A-Series by both Gibson and Epiphone followed the same serial number series.

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The manufacturers stamped it on the top backside of the peghead. The sequence begins with serial number inand bythe six-digit code emerges.

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During that year, all started with the number zero, and by the companies were up to Notably, from tothey made an adjustment to differentiate between the low and high-end models. In that span, guitars numbered between to were lower quality. Then, inthey changed things up and used the sequence to to denote the more expensive, high-end guitars.

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There are many variations of serial numbers, and it can sometimes be difficult to decipher the code. They share the four distinct formats, as well as a full list of factory later and number codes, and special designations found on the Les Paul models.

On electric guitars, the serial number is generally printed on the back of the headstock. Decipher your serial number if it's eight digits. Since , Gibson has used the following method: The first and fifth numbers indicate the last two digits of the year the instrument was produced, the second through fourth digits tell the day of the year it was produced and the last three digits indicate the production rank. Davidson is referring to Gibsons system-in effect since -of including a guitars build date within the serial number sequence. On todays new models from Gibson USA, Memphis, and Acoustic, the first and fifth number in the sequence signify the year a guitar was built, and the second, third, and forth number identify the day of the year. Sep 17, Today, its simple to use the serial number on your Gibson to date your guitar. If it was manufactured after , the build date is included in the sequence. The first and fifth number signifies the year it was built, and the second, third, and fourth are the day of the year.

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How do Serial Numbers Affect Value? Serial Numbers from to Epiphone Acoustic Guitars - to Epiphone Electric Instruments - to Epiphone Electric Guitars - to Epiphone Acoustic and Electric Guitars - to Gibson Solid Body Guitars - to Gibson Hollowbody Guitars A Series - to Gibson and Epiphone Guitars - to Modern Day Serial Numbers. Serial Numbers From To Epiphone Acoustic Guitars - To Epiphone Electric Instruments - To They range from into in The new serials began at 50, in and ended at 59, in Epiphone Electric Guitars - To Gibson Solid Body Guitars - To Beginning with A inthis series goes to A in Gibson And Epiphone Guitars - To Additional Resources.

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54 rows Gibson introduced a new pattern when they began producing solid body guitars. An ink . Jun 05, If you have an older model without a serial number, this might be all the closer youll get to dating your Gibson. There are five iterations of the companys logo dating all the way back to The original logo is a one-of-a-kind, unmistakable italic typeface with pearl inlay. - In , Gibson introduced the serialization method that we primarily use to this day at Gibson USA, Gibson Acoustic, and the Gibson Custom facility in Memphis, TN. The serial number will be an 8 digit number impressed into the back of the headstock with "MADE IN USA" below.

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