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Until the very end - Dating Sirius Black Would Include

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Dating Games: Creating jealousy and insecurity ó Susan Winter

Originally posted by stallingdemons. Originally posted by detective-fromb. Keep reading. Originally posted by stradivarus. ALSO: If you wanna send in headcanon requests, please do. Originally posted by euphemiapotter.

He leans down and captured your lips in a frantic, burning kiss, his deft fingers scrabbling at your clothes. You groaned against his mouth and untucked his shirt, practically tearing the buttons off to run your hands over his smooth, firm chest. You felt his heart racing and smirked. You did that. You whined as he nibbled on your pulse point and scratched your nails down his back in retaliation, a low growl rumbling from your throat as he shoved you dress down over your hips.

You wriggled out of the offending garment, leaving you in your underwear, already soaked through, and Sherlock was only adding to that as he scraped his tongue over your nipples roughly, grasping and grabbing, suckling like a man starved.

Fuck knows where your bra went. You hooked your legs around his broad thigh, bucking your hips slightly, rutting your core against the rough fabric of his trousers, groaning at the delicious friction as you grd at his untameable curls. He shoved your knickers to the side and groaned lowly. He grunted and pushed inside you, his eyes locked on yours as he began at a merciless pace.

The headboard banged hard against the wall as he pistoned his hips, each thrust punctuated by a sharp groan.

Headcanons/would include. So Iím having a bit of a slump atm, however, Iím willing to accept headcanons/would include requests:p. So if youíve a Harry potters, Sherlock, game of thrones head canon or would include request, be my guest. If you want . Dating Sirius Black Would Include/Headcanons: The two of you met on Platform 9 ?, you watched as his family left him alone to board the train. He looked around clueless, starring at his ticket. Your muggle parents had already left, only slightly overwhelmed by all the magic. Request: (Anonymous) Hey, could you please do a Sirius dating a Hufflepuff would include please? thanks in advance:))) Sirius Black x Hufflepuff reader. MASTERLIST. Being friends with James Potter who you occasionally helped with Care of Magical Creatures homework.

You arched your back up to him, chanting his name like an ancient prayer, scratching down his back, whining as he littered your flesh with dark lovebites.

You jolted and shuddered as he collapsed beside you, and he instantly pulled you to his chest, kissing the lovebites gently, before kissing your forehead. And I trust you completely. Originally posted by sensualkisses. Originally posted by medussaurora.

shalt not kill

The decoy detonator exploded as you flung it to the floor. A few people snickered as you grumbled about immature little boys heavily peppered by colourful swear words as you stalked off to the library to calm down.

See, thatís what the app is perfect for.

He crossed his arms and slumped onto an armchair, looking grumpy. George nudged him. You glared at him, your ruined potions essay crumpled in your hands, smelling foul and smoking slightly. But, unlike you, I care about my education! You rolled your eyes, but they widened when you saw the mistletoe above you.

Dating sirius would include

You hummed softly as he cradled the back of your head, before gently pulling away. Originally posted by roadswewalk.

Severus Snape and the Marauders - Harry Potter Prequel

The skull on the mantelpiece rattled as the door to B slammed shut, Sherlock marching over to his chair and slumping into it, pouting like a child, whilst you stormed into the kitchen and began rather noisily making tea.

John flicked his eyes between the two of you before sighing and settling into his own chair. The disarrayed flat remained relatively silent until.

You had what could only be described as rotting pigs innards splattered down your chest from where the bowl had clattered down onto you from the top shelf of the fridge. Sherlock fixed his cold blue gaze on you before cocking his eyebrow up.

Everything in that fridge is contaminated, Sherlock, what if John or I ate something dodgy? Or what if Mrs Hudson needed some milk and she ends up with staphylococci? While ranting you had sliced the palm of your hand on a shard of smashed bowl.

The detective had stood up as soon as you yelped in pain, his placid expression quickly turning to one of concern. He quickly walked over to you to inspect the damage, taking you by the arm to the kitchen sink to clean off your wound.

Despite the stinging pain blinding your senses slightly, so were still so goddamned angry. You pushed him away repeatedly, staining his crisp white shirt with your crimson blood as tears flowed down your face. No, stop it, you arse!

You pushed him away once more and stormed off to the bathroom. John sighed and stood up, grabbing the mini first aid kit he kept in the cabinet by the window. Scrub it, bleach it. John rounded on him and nodded. Half an hour later, you heard the front door click shut. You winced slightly as John applied antiseptic to the cut. You nodded and sat in comfortable silence as he patched you up in the bathroom of B.

John chuckles softly and dressed the wound neatly. When you emerged from the bathroom, Sherlock was stood in the centre of the sitting room, fidgeting sligjtly. My behaviour has been immature, reckless, dangerous the fridge is clean and my experiments have been removed. I apologise for my actions, my words, all of it. Late nights with Sandor would include.

Sandor being protective of you would include. Originally posted by fictional-mess. A LOT.

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the shoe

Charlie Romania. Lysander Owlery. Cedric Yule Ball.

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Read Dating Sirius Would Include from the story Harry Potter Preferences by awizardingworld with 5, reads. beasts, dracomalfoy, newt. Being the only one Reviews: Dating Sirius Black Would Include Request: (Anonymous) Have you done a Sirius dating a Slytherin would include? If not could you write one please? Thank you! Xxx Sirius Black x Slytherin. Word Count: Prompt: What dating Sirius Black would include? (Marauders Era)Warnings: SwearAll nighters Which include causal conversations Like how to prank half of the professors Playing with his hair And listening to him complain But he secretly adores it PDA obviously Holding hands is extremely important to him He carries your textbooks to every class You guys break so many rules together.

Luna Battle of Hogwarts. James Sirius Potter. Albus Severus Potter. Lily Luna Potter. Rose Granger-Weasley.

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