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Kapiel Raaj on What is Saturn return in Astrology

As you pass the age of sixty, and even the in the year coming up to your 60th birthday, the planets make a special contact to your birth chart as Saturn once more returns to its natal position. This is where it was the day you were born and Saturn takes around thirty years to make one full pass through the zodiac. Your first Saturn return happened at about age twenty-nine to thirty and the second Saturn return occurs at around age fifty-nine to sixty. Saturn is the timekeeper of the zodiac and brings a time for you to recalibrate back to your core values as shown in your natal chart. Your Saturn returns can happen in one of two ways.

And maybe I just needed to believe in something, to believe that all this upheaval was going to be worth it at some point, but it all made so much sense.

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The going theory is that when Saturn comes round again, it forces you to move into a new phase of adulthood, and everything can change-relationships, jobs, housing, cities, career paths.

People get married, or divorced, or confront toxic relationships, or switch careers, or drive cross-country, or, for some musicians, expire well before their time.

What Happened During Your Saturn Return?

To wit: the Saturn Return is the equivalent of throwing the snow globe of your life on the ground and staring down at the splintered glass shards of a formerly tidy life. When discussing the Saturn Returns, one may also be as freely dramatic as one wishes.

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I was in either the best or worst relationships of my life. Everyone I dated was the Future Mrs. Elisabeth Snell until we generally both agreed we were terrible matches. My phone was never in my pocket and at least twice, was on the subway tracks. I was running half-marathons, and running around Williamsburg late at night.

May 27, †∑ The Second Saturn return once again pushes you to become a better version of yourself, to make sure you are still on your path and advance in it, shifting to a new level of your life. When a personís life has become stagnant, when a person no longer evolves, this is when Saturn can bring out behaviors that have been called a mid-life crisis. Most work very hard at their chosen careers and/or family's during SATURN'S second go-around. This SATURN cycle is the time when the majority should begin their family's, after their careers have "come together", the really smart people follow this pattern. But most actually started a family 10 years earlier. Aug 09, †∑ Your first Saturn return happened at about age twenty-nine to thirty and the second Saturn return occurs at around age fifty-nine to sixty. Saturn is the timekeeper of the zodiac and brings a time for you to recalibrate back to your core values as shown in your natal chart.

I was biding my time in day jobs while simultaneously performing off-Broadway in wool socks and Birkenstocks, carrying a first edition copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves. I came out of those years with new, crisp goals.

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It was during my Saturn Return that I realized that I wanted to talk about the social determinants of public health more than anyone else I knew.

That led to sitting in on a graduate class, just to see what it was like, and eventually pursuing a graduate degree. Although, it also led to scoring in the tenth percentile on the GREs and sobbing outside the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway stop, because Saturn is here to remind you that everyone learns differently. But it was rough enough that I almost ended things with K after our very first date because she mentioned she was three weeks shy of thirty, and by that point, I had made a rule that I would never again date anyone in the middle of their Saturn Return.

Oct 21, †∑ And that is Saturn Return, loosely defined as the time when Saturn loops back roughly twenty-seven or twenty-eight years later to the place where it started when you were born, making a mess of things. When it comes to Saturn, Iím a total, fervent believer. Because Saturn is real. Not real like the Velveteen Rabbit. Real real. And it will mess you up. Dec 19, †∑ You are a born healer and your compassionate nature will be awakened during your Saturn Return. You may be drawn to the hidden side of life, such as spirituality or esoteric pursuits. An interest in human psychology or alternative medicine could emerge since ethereal Pisces and the twelfth house rule the subconscious mind. Feb 08, †∑ During her first Saturn Return, she actually broke up with a long-term partner, took their newborn child and moved far away. No nefarious reason-just that she leveled up, got a new job, wisely saw it wasn't going to work out with the man, and felt the weight of responsibility and motherhood.

I told her so, mostly joking, and then I got a text from her on a Tuesday night as my train rattled over the Manhattan bridge. I was coming home from a night class, and it was way past my bedtime. We often see people finding careers that match the zodiac sign their Saturn is in.

Dating during saturn return

Here is where we will toil away for hours, obsessively, to reach our grandest goals. It makes sense that Saturn is the ruler of ambitious Capricornthe high-achieving, hardest working kid in the zodiac.

Saturn Returns! (Dates for Saturn in Capricorn)

Cosmic fact: Saturn is cycling through its home sign of Capricorn from December 19, to March 21, During the Saturn return-which lasts 2. Rather than repeating them on autopilot, you have a chance to turn lemons into lemonade.

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And if you refuse to heed those lessons, Saturn will bring a drill sergeant style smackdown. Indeed, the Saturn return starts off feeling a bit like boot camp for a lot of people. But drop and give him twenty instead of rebelling against those barking orders. First, look up what sign your Saturn falls in on the table below the 12 signs.

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Saturn in me-first Aries can make you rather impetuous. You may be the first one to dive in, kickstart a project, or start a new trend.

Dec 08, †∑ At the same time of my Saturn Return, Pluto was conjunct my ASC. Iíve since attributed that to the constant feelings of foreboding-not my SR. That was quite the tag team. My Saturn Return occurred in my 8th. That with Pluto/ASC, it was a fight to stay 'up.í That was when the cracks in my relationship with my then-partner started forming. May 31, †∑ It takes about years for this slow-mover to return to where it was when you were born. The Saturn return hits in the late 20s and its impact is felt into the early 30s. There's a second (and possibly a third for the long-lived among us) Saturn return that hits between age Daddy issues could plague you, or you may have a strained or distant relationship with your father. Or, your dad could have been very stern and authoritative, making it difficult for you to express yourself in his company. These will need to be dealt with during the Saturn Return, but powerful men will also help you manifest your dreams.

The trouble is your staying power is not quite as strong. The lessons of your return are to become a leader without doing everything yourself-or becoming completely bossy and domineering. Stamp your name on your innovations and get them out to the world, but remember that many hands make light work.

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You could be a stellar athlete and a daredevil. A career as a motivational speaker, CEO, military leader or athlete could be in the cards as well. You may struggle in the money department, living in a fantasy world and learning tough lessons about budgeting and delayed gratification.

Beware laziness, too. With a little elbow grease, you could become an incredible money manager and might have a shining career in finance.

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Hospitality and the fine goods markets could also be your path. You have a keen eye for beauty and might even own a brick and mortar store one day. The gift of gab or the power of the pen-you are meant to use your words. Though you thrive in a partnership chatty Gemini is the sign of the Twinsyou could be a little too quick to compromise, losing your autonomy in the process.

Working as a dynamic duo could bring you great success. You could have a career in writing or teaching. You may excel in more sartorial or technical pursuits especially coding or software developmentor harness your people skills to make a mint in sales.

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Some people with Saturn in this position may struggle to leave the nest, or become overly attached and responsible for their relatives. Shyness can plague you, making it difficult to come out of the proverbial Crab shell.

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Although you may resist becoming a parent, it could be your greatest joy, whether you have children or pets. Your care-taking instincts could lead you to a career in the culinary world, hospitality or nursing.

Working from home or owning a small business will be fulfilling too.

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You love being hands-on! Finding your voice, self-expression and confidence will be a riveting journey. You may struggle with excess-and learn some tough lessons about overindulging. A tendency to romanticize and idealize people can bring struggles in relationships. Although it may take you a while to figure out who is right for you or distinguish a player from a princeyou could enjoy a rich and rewarding love life. Creativity is your calling card and you could find a career in the arts or theater, or by making beautiful objects by hand.

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Leo and the fifth house have a regal vibe, so being the boss like the proud Lion is in your blood. You love systems and know how make life run like a well-oiled machine.

If you start a new relationship during your Saturn Return, expect your sweetie to "play Saturn" - triggering your insecurities, and pushing you to step up and take greater responsibility for yourself. You will be tested to stay committed to your work and goals, even during the excitement of a new romance.

Learning how to stay on top of the details while also going with the flow will be one of your biggest lessons.

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