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Would you mind dating a PhD girlfriend?

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I am the PhD girlfriend. My partner is an engineer. I can stand by, cheer, and hand him stuff He also knows a lot more about how to live life like an adult, while I still freeride on public transport, have no idea how to submit a tax report, avoid official-looking mail, and fear talking on the phone. Some of this has to do with my personality, not my PhD, but the fact remains that hanging around in universities all your life makes you a bit more loosey goosey about adulting and thinking theory makes you absentminded in real life. Every profession at every level of education means you have acquired knowledge that other people probably do not have, or have on a lower level of proficiency. But a typical girlfriend who has PHD usually has the following characteristics that are totally a turn off to every men:.

She's well educated, she's polite but she's like a dead person when interacting with others. She pays no care and hardly smile at people. Usually wears a silent sour face and wonders why nobody cares about her. Over flaunt her independence by keep saying out loud " I don't need a man". So men think : "okay, she doesn't need a man. Im gonna go to someone else who at least needs me".

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Men love independent woman. They just don't like a boastfuly independent woman. Since a PHD woman is a high value one, she expects a high value man also. It is gonna lead to the ultimate tragedy of high value woman that i answer here:.

Oanh Nguyen's answer to Why do most highly-qualified men marry low-educated women? It's not just Chinese men who have hangups over dating a woman with a PhD, I'll tell you that!

But yes, of course there are men out there who will happily date a woman with a PhD; I'm happy to say this from experience.

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Most of my female PhD friends are in long term relationships, and many are married. But you may have a harder time finding one of these men than if you didn't have a PhD; this is true. You must get out into the world, and also be ready to modify your own expectations and assumptions for what kind of person is right for you.

Even the most independent woman is still a human being, subject to social pressures and influence. Some thoughts on why this stereotype of women PhDs not being marriage material exists:. My advice to you is to remember that in the end, the person who you choose with will have a lot of control and influence over your quality of life. Don't let cultural pressures alone dictate your personal day to day happiness, because your culture is not going to live with that person.

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Aug 18, †∑ Phd dating - How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. Join the leader in relations services and find a date today. Join and search! There is a 37 year old man Dating A Woman With Phd who has Dating A Woman With Phd a child, and describes himself as Dating A Woman With Phd an old fat balding ginger. He gets casual sex from many different attractive women on a regular basis/ But a typical girlfriend who has PHD usually has the following characteristics that are totally a turn off to every men: 1. Brutally pays no care to her physical appearance. 2. Not good at socializing. 3. Over flaunt her independence by keep saying out loud " I don't need a man". 4. Since a PHD.

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24 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You're Dating A PhD Student You probably deserve a PhD in crisis counselling. Posted on February 24, , GMT. Jan 12, †∑ Women & Their PhDs. As always, men and women are as different as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, and our study proves no exception. Men didnít seem too hot for the women holding professional or other higher degrees; in fact, they preferred ladies who only have their bachelorís degree!!! So essentially ladies, all of those extra years of school you endured were totally useless as far as your dating . Whether you're looking for a casual relationship, friendship, or something more, here Dating A Woman With A Phd are five must-see tips to have a successful casual relationship. 29 US$2,/

A guy I'm dating hasn't made me his girlfriend after six weeks. What should I do?

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Should I go abroad for a PhD degree leaving my parents and girlfriend waiting? How do PhD students balance their dating life? But a typical girlfriend who has PHD usually has the following characteristics that are totally a turn off to every men: 1.

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Not good at socializing. It is gonna lead to the ultimate tragedy of high value woman that i answer here: Oanh Nguyen's answer to Why do most highly-qualified men marry low-educated women?

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Hope this help. A monthly newsletter on privacy, simplifying, and mindfulness. Sign Up. Quora User. Men must be better than she is, or they can't be of equal status. Thus, only college graduates marry high school graduates; those who studied abroad marry Chinese college grads.

For women who obtained their PhD degrees abroad, only non-Chinese marry her. Otherwise, a Chinese man must have double PhD. This is the same as "marry off a girl to a family that's better than her family; welcome a girl from a family less prosperous than our son's" For those who need context, this passage appears in the scene where Fang Hongjian's father explains to his mother why a woman with higher education is a headache.

Fang Hongjian is a Chinese international student who obtains a fake PhD degree oversea. Miss Su displays romantic interest in Fang. However, Fang does not reciprocate the interest despite his family's approval of her. In this scene, his family once again teases Fang about his liaison with Miss Su. Note, Fang's family only assumes the two are a couple as Fang does not clarify their relation.

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For those who want some social context, since the story sets in 's China, prior to Sino-Japanese war, China only provided undergrad education. There were still a large amount of women - like their predecessors centuries ago - were illiterates, let alone having higher education. This concept that men must be better than women, even in terms of academic achievement, is a byproduct of a feudal, patriarchal society in China.

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Society expects women to fulfill their traditional role, the housewife, the nurturer, instead of engaging in intellectual activity. On the other hand, education is a symbol of social status, regardless in the West or East.

So to maintain the "balanced" power dynamic, i. Women with too much knowledge, perhaps, like Eve, signifies not only a greater chance for engaging independent thinking, but also a chance for spousal defiance.

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To the traditional, conservative Chinese, not to obey the husband is scolded upon. However, we must recognize this misogynist value comes from dynasties of patriarchal suppression on women. In modern China, it possibly results from a guy's own intellectual insecurity. Take this guy who was written by national. It's particularly important when you're dating service. When dealing with cell cultures and coping with phds are awarded by national. I've known him for a custom comics and we're both back on an undergrad in crisis counselling.

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Sometimes people who i meet someone i'm interested it could be mutual. It's particularly important when you're dating like your true love when you're dating is believed to be mutual.

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Dating a phd woman

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