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Married to the game: A look at the lives of wives of college coaches - Sports Illustrated

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Mike Leach gives me wedding advice

Show less Dating a football player means you have to negotiate a relationship around all the practices, games, and schoolwork. It can be a big commitment for an athlete to be in a relationship, so keep in mind that your guy might be feeling conflicted about his commitment to you and to the game. Show him that you care about what he cares about, and support him the whole way. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 9 references. This article has also been viewed , times.

It also can include a lot of solo parenting, some lonely nights and a few hilarious stories of what happens when a husband returns home.

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We [coaches] talk about it sometimes, how hard their days are, and how appreciative we are. Wives are the ultimate team moms, doling out phone numbers to worried parents and hugs to homesick freshmen. Along the way, they form a special sorority that only other football wives can truly understand.

dating a football coach

As Urban disappeared to the office for and hours days - then as a grad assistant for the Buckeyes - she caught on. Building a life with a coach means adjusting for major situations - like childbirth, for instance.

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Forty-eight hours later, she attended her first college football game, where three elderly women scolded Shelley for having the audacity to bring a newborn into a germ-fest. Shelley persuaded her doctor to induce labor - much less common 16 years ago than it is now - and when she was ready to push, Urban met her at the hospital.

Coaches wives trade stories about husbands with phones pressed to their ear in the delivery room, on vacations and during parent-teacher conferences. It wasand her husband, Bob Stoops, had just left his position as a Kansas State assistant to become Florida's defensive coordinator under coach Steve Spurrier. That Carol would decide to do that last item without the help of a professional comes as no surprise.

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Lest anyone get the impression that being married to a coach is some sort of hark back to the s, when many women played the role of doting housewife, keep Carol Stoops in mind. As a national director for Mary Kay cosmetics, she has found a way to run the ship at home - Carol and Bob have three teenagers - and create a life outside of football.

This was an amazing company because allowed me to do as much or as little as I want, succeed at every level and still keep my life in balance. At the Dallas Omni Hotel during Big 12 media days in July, reporters swirled around Bob to ask whether Oklahoma - where he is entering his 16th season as head coach - had the pieces to contend for a national title.

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Carol, there to attend a Mary Kay convention, might have been the busiest member of the family that day. She posed for pictures with Bob, exchanged hugs with players and then dashed off to speak at a workshop as her husband leisurely chatted. It takes a special woman to fit in and enjoy it.

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She naturally strikes up conversation with strangers and makes them feel at home. There is still plenty that can make her laugh, though. Regardless of profession, Sharon believed Mike was destined to succeed, attracted to his drive and ambition.

dating a football coach Oct 12, - It was a Friday, which of course in the fall typically means football so when your phone rings during date night, or while you're coaching your. Nov 7, - If you are dating a coach, there is a good chance you two will be long distance at some point in your relationship.

Years ago, one of the Leach children complained to her mom about slow water flow from the upstairs bathtub. Sharon assured her daughter that a plumber would swing by to fix it the following week.

Ohio St. and the power coaches' wives do and don't have

But before he arrived, Mike decided he could figure it out on his own. Mike had forgotten to turn off the water before deciding to play Mr.

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Because no one in the family knew where the water shut-off was, most of the kitchen floor, along with some of the living room carpet, had to be replaced.

Now, when she moves into a new home, finding the water shut-off is one of the first things Sharon does.

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Sharon calls Decemberwhen Mike was controversially fired from Texas Tech"one of the most difficult times for our family. After Mike attended Pepperdine School of Law and decided he would rather coach, the Leaches were in significant debt. While he climbed the coaching ladder, Sharon worked full-time for almost 14 years as an administrative assistant and legal secretary.

Dating a football coach

Mike is now the head coach at Washington Stateand the Leaches welcomed their first grandchild this summer. I was OK with that. I loved college football as much as he loved coaching it. We're a good team. Hiring, firing and retirement all come with the territory - sometimes sooner than anticipated. Following the season, after a six-year run that included two BCS national championships, Urban Meyer stepped down at Florida, admitting publicly that the job was taking its toll on his health.

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Shelley felt relief that Urban was making a choice to put his health and family first. But she also wondered what he would do with so much time on his hands.

Day in the Life of a Soccer Coach (Football Gaffer)

He had never done that. Introduce yourself to the team, suggests real-life coach's wife Sara Merritt on her website "Football Wife.

Being a modern-day coach's wife isn't the same as it was in your mother's generation. Instead of sitting patiently at home with a roast in the oven, contemporary spouses of coaches are supportive while being independent individuals. This means that instead of living for the team, you can balance your own. Aug 16, †∑ Dating a football player means you have to negotiate a relationship around all the practices, games, and schoolwork. It can be a big commitment for an athlete to be in a relationship, so keep in mind that your guy might be feeling conflicted about his commitment to you and to the game%(14). Nov 27, †∑ Here are 15 reasons to date a coach: 1. Like sports? You can finally watch the game on date night. 2. Are you a newbie to the game? Your date knows the rules - and can teach you more than youíll ever want to know about the sport. 3. Free tickets. 4.

While you don't have to spend every waking second getting to know the players, make an effort to learn their names. Have a preseason dinner or barbecue for the team, letting them get to know who you are and that you are more than just the woman behind the man. Develop your own interests or career. During the sports season, your husband may have plus-hour days. Avoid sitting around waiting for him to return home.

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Get out of the house and take a class for adults, join a women's book club or pursue your professional passion. Whether you work outside of the home or not, make your own interests a top priority. Accept that other people may have some not-so-nice things to say about your husband. When the team loses a big game or your husband decides not to put a specific player in, the fans may make their opinions of his coaching audible.

Even if they don't want to speak their minds in front of him, they may have no problem doing so in front of you.

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Avoid a confrontation with an angry fan. Shrug it off and support your husband. Let him know that you are always there for him and will listen to his stresses and worries. Show your team spirit.

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