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How Chris Rock Wrecked Wife Relationship, Girlfriend Affair Fueled Divorce

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Chris Rock Obama having a Black wife and issues on interracial dating

By Carlos Greer. Rumors have swirled since Chris Rock revealed in a comedy routine he cheated on his ex-wife with three different women, including a big star. That went on for a while, for like six months, and she found out. Buzz about the affair actually began around , we hear, when Washington was engaged to actor David Moscow. His divorce was finalized last year. trust anyone

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Nov 26, Comedian Chris Rock, age 53, may be one of the greatest stand-up comedians on the face of the Earth, but when it comes to being a faithful husband to his wife, he's far from being great. His infidel ways eventually came back to haunt him, resulting in divorce and . Chris rock dating stand up How infidelity, pootie tang, join in his latest standup material is 'talking from stand-up special tamborine. Community college is an american comedians, performed at comedy, the dating a compelling performer because he slept with. A recent stand-up tour, shall we say. May 06, And sources tell Page Six the famous fling was with "Scandal" star Kerry Washington. A new Rolling Stone cover story reported Rock saying in a routine, "I was a piece of s-t" in his marriage to ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock.

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Ain't nobody above an ass-whooping. Chris Rock On Cheating "You know the only thing you can do to stop your man from cheating? The only thing you can do is be there.

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Chris Rock On Meeting People "Even if you meet the perfect person, it ain't gonna be at the perfect time. You're married, they're single. That's right.

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You're Jewish, they're Palestinian. You're a Mexican, they're a raccoon.

Dating Woes: Does Chris See Himself Ever Getting Married To His Girlfriend?

You're a black woman, he's a black man. Just to spice things up. Now I'm not saying he should have killed her Follow Us.

Chris Rock - who lies more? Men or women? : ))

Sign in. The divorce was finalized two years, and thus bringing an end to the pair's 20 years of tumultuous married life. About a year after the finalization of his divorce from his wife and still recovering, Chris went on a tour with materials inspired by his doomed marriage.

He lamented Your significant other, if they really love you, has a high opinion of you. And you let them down. According to Rolling StoneChris' then-newest stage materials segued into his infidelities and got disarmingly specific, suggesting three girlfriends: "one famous, one semi-famous and one a member of a retail class.

Chris rock dating stand up

The suggested famous mistress is none other than Scandal actress Kerry Washington. A Hollywood insider told Page Six Retrieved December 19, Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved June 9, Larry King Live. February 12, Archived from the original on September 24, New York Post. Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved June 13, Retrieved November 5, The Daily Beast.

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Retrieved September 22, Gadino November 3, Archived from the original on September 4, Mental Floss. Box Office Mojo. April 13, Retrieved March 4, Retrieved October 20, -

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Archived from the original on April 3, Retrieved Archived from the original on October 10, Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved October 13, Retrieved July 25, Retrieved November 22, The Hollywood Reporter.

October 30, Retrieved October 30, Deadline Hollywood. The New York Times.

On October 30, , Netflix announced that they would be releasing two new stand-up comedy specials from Rock, with Rock being paid $40 million per special. The first special, Chris Rock: Tamborine, was released on Netflix on February 14, It was filmed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. 10 Best Chris Rock Marriage, Relationship, And Love Quotes Ever. Apparently, not everyone thinks Chris Rock is all that funny and apparently it's not enough to say "I think I love my wife.". The comedian/movie star is getting divorced from his wife, with whom he shares two children. They've been married since , Author: Michael Hollan. Chris Rock admitted in his new Netflix stand-up special, 'Tamborine, that he cheated on his now-ex-wife, Malaak Compton, with three women - read more Us Weekly Magazine NewsAuthor: Nicholas Hautman.

Retrieved February 14, Retrieved May 10, April February 3, BBC News. Retrieved February 29, Daily Mail.

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February 29, Rock This Hyperion,p. What I actually got was a worse education in a worse neighborhood That's all minstrel show stuff.

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I am tired of it. Rock This ; Hyperion,p. Archived from the original on September 27, The Huffington Post. Retrieved June 25, January 11, BBC One. The Cornell Daily Sun.

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Archived from the original on September 29, Retrieved October 15, Retrieved October 12, Chicago Tribune. Retrieved October 18, June 14, Retrieved March 30,

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