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Ricoh RZ 800 Date Serial Number AE142288

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. On the underside of the barrel there is an eight digit serial number. On the lens mount there are no production codes. According to a couple of resources online there should be either a code containing a few letters or on newer lenses a 10 digit serial number. I have neither. On the second resource, there is an example eight digit serial number they've dated the same way as the 10 digit BUT mine begins I bought the lens used in always right

My tire example is an outlandishly ridiculous one, but there is no difference between that and an AC compressor failing, the furnace blower going out, the power supply in your computer frying, the microwave burning up, the vacuum cleaner dieing, and yes your photography equipment failing too.

Stuff fails and if I followed your logic, I could submit several claim every year. Funny thing though when you start making claims: your rates go up.

There is no way I am going to pay the same amount for a 1 year old lens that I am for a 20 year old lens. This has nothing to do with how well it was cared for.

EF Lens Codes

Provided both were cared for the same, I will always take the newer one if they are the same price. This has nothing to do with age of the lenses.

There's a available that describes the serial number placement. According to that document, serial numbers do not contain letters. But, if you want to date the lens, you can try and contact Canon directly and ask them to look up the serial number for you. As stated in your sources, that will give you the production date only. ibanez tube screamer serial number dating; 46 year old woman dating 28 year old man. the problems with dating single mothers; dating rolex watches by serial number; real estate speed dating; gibson serial number dating; free dating sites grand rapids mi; ucsb hookup stories; what is a reasonable age to start dating; letting dating happen naturally. Canon Date Codes. Normally it will read somethings like "UT". The "U" is the factory, the "T" is the year of manufacture , the "03" is the month (March) and the final two numbers seem to be some sort of internal Canon code. Prior to the lens date codes did not include the factory letter.

Canon still uses the old date code on some lenses because it says UA08 on my L They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard! Does it also have a 6 digit serial number?

Determining the Age of a Canon Lens Using Serial Numbers and Date Codes

I wonder if the place of manufacture determines which lenses get a 6 digit serial number and old style date code vs the new 10 digit serial number with new "encoded" date code. If you had a choice between a 20 year old lens and a 1 year old lens of the same model, which would you pick?

Whichever one was the better deal. I just bought a brand new mm from Amazon with a dare code of on it.

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Does that mean my 3 year old lens is inferior? Lens parts can wear out over time with lots of use, but the build date doesn't give you any real idea how the lens was treated, or how much use it got.

I would still probably buy the "younger" lens if the general condition was the same.

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I might even pay slightly more for it. Approve the Cookies This website uses cookies to improve your user experience.

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The long, narrow Canon lens date code chart is shown on the right side of this page. Will the DD value roll over to 00?

Note that "A" can mean both and , but since FD lenses were only introduced in there is no real ambiguity. The first number of three-number codes or the first two numbers of four-numbers codes encode the month ("1" = January, "2" = February, , "12" = December). The meaning of the last two numbers is a mystery. Canon has been transitioning to a digit lens serial number (starting in with the Canon EF-S mm f/ IS Lens) and ending the inclusion of a separate manufacturing date code. While date codes and the shorter serial number are still found on some . Canon EOS DSLRs any code beginning with the letters 'DS’ is an internal model code, not a serial number. The example of a lens mount here shows the Canon company code, 'UV’, stamped into the inner area of the electronic lens amount and the serial number '’ stamped into the outer metallic area of the lens mount. x.

Increment to - becoming DDD? Canon has been using this number to indicate lenses needing specific service-related ates such as firmware.

Canon lens dating serial number

Please take note that, while the overall chart is holding out nicely with the lenses we've checked, it is a work-in-process. In part, the numbers might be shifted by a month or so.

rows · A newer lens date code Note that the codes have become less common on recent lenses, . Dec 11,  · To age a Canon lens using the digital serial number Canon lenses, we dissect the serial number as: DD C SSSSSSS The DD is the key to the date of manufacture of the lens - .

Please send us any discrepancies you find. Special thanks go out to friend-of-the-site Norbert for his role in the development of this chart. LIKES 0. SVTmaniac wrote in post Just when I thought people would stop worrying about the age of a lens.

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SiaoP SiaoP Goldmember. FEChariot wrote in post Right.

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SVTmaniac wrote in post Sure it can but L glass lasts a long time. FEChariot wrote in post What policy do you have that covers failures due to age?

SVTmaniac wrote in post Are you seriously comparing an item designed to wear out to a lens that is supposed to last for years and years?

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SVTmaniac wrote in post Get over yourself already. SVTmaniac wrote in post A twenty year old lens is just as good as a brand new one as long as it was cared for properly.

Canon AE 1 Program with FL 50mm 1 8 Lens Serial Number 3666427

SVTmaniac wrote in post Matter of fact at one time I had to 's one that was 12 years old and one that was two years old. Canon still uses the old date code on some lenses because it says UA08 on my L. FuturamaJSP wrote in post and back to the topic The following 2 numbers are an internal code that is irrelevant for determining age, but year and month is close enough anyway, IMO.

This internal code is also occasionally omitted based on reports from Canon owners.

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The last letter stands for the name of the factory. In this case, "F" stands for Fukushima which was the main Canon SLR factory for about 20 years from the early 70s until The factory code is rarely omitted, if ever.

Starting inthe year code was restarted with "A" again, but the factory code was placed before it. So, for SLRs manufactured inyou might see a code starting with "OI" followed by the month code.

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