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Are Arie & Lauren B. Dating After 'The Bachelor'? Rumors On Twitter Are Flying

28.07.2019 3 Comments

Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. sends Lauren off with an "I Love You, Too"

On Monday night's bombshell episode of The Bachelor , Chris Harrison finally proved that he wasn't kidding around when he said it was the most dramatic finale ever. Arie got engaged to Becca and then weeks later ended their engagement with a full camera crew recording the whole thing - because he still had feelings for Lauren B. So right about now you're probably wondering who is Lauren dating now after The Bachelor? Well, the big reveal about whether or not these two are currently together is still to come, but all signs point to At the end of their week Bachelor journey, Arie finally decided to say goodbye to Lauren and propose to Becca. Lauren was clearly crushed and absolutely shocked. judge book

Disregarding the fact that women named Lauren B. When she revealed to Arie that her fear on the show was him choosing someone else, some fans wondered if the focus on Arie picking the wrong woman at the end of the show was a subtle editing hint.

Arie dating lauren b

If Arie proposed to another woman and then went back to Lauren, which editors may be hinting, it wouldn't be the first time a Bachelor was torn between two women.

However, way back, Bachelor Jason Mesnick made national headlines for proposing to Melissa Rycroft and then dumping her on the "After the Final Rose" special to pursue second-place contestant Molly Malaney.

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Imagine how Twitter would've reacted if this happened more recently. Jason and Molly are now married and have a child together, but that doesn't make their sketchy beginning as a couple any better.

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Although the initial rumor of Lauren B. As Bustle points out, Lauren's Instagram account has only released photos from the show recently, adding to the hype that she's spending secret time with Arie.

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Bachelor couples have to hide out until the season finale airs, so it would make sense that Lauren is laying low on real-time photos if she's meeting with Arie every now and then. I'm currently still distracted by the crazy antics of women like Krystal and Bekah M.

Dating After 'The Bachelor'?

- You walked away from her during dinner in Italy when she said she was falling in love with you, and then you walked away at the dinner table at her parents' house. - I mean, we know why you walked away at the dinner table at her parents house because it was getting a bit uncomfortable-or maybe the producers needed you to film something-but why did you get up and walk away during dinner in Italy?

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So I feel like that was sort of a pivotal moment for me, because it was the first time I was having these strong feelings in this environment. I wanted more than anything to just tell her how I felt.

Arie's Proposal - The Bachelor

Some editing was done there. - So you talked to someone-perhaps a producer-to ask permission for what you could say? AL: Yes. And you know, I think my nerves got the best of me too with her.

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I was always a little bit more shy or nervous around her just because I felt my feelings were further along than hers, which is an awkward position to be in as the Bachelor. - Last question for you about Lauren. She says in the hometown dates that you guys are so alike.

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How so? AL: Oh, we are very alike. Now that we know she's one of the final three contestants, what is it about her that makes you think she could be your future partner?

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She just has a great perspective on life. After that first date I knew she was just so easy to talk to, so it made our relationship progress in a very natural way. - Finally, we have to talk about Krystal.

Feb 26, аи So are Lauren B. and Arie engaged on The Bachelor? All may not be as it seems. Fans were initially a little confused by how taken Arie was with . Mar 06, аи Arie got engaged to Becca and then weeks later ended their engagement with a full camera crew recording the whole thing - because he still had feelings for Lauren B., his runner-up. Arie Luyendyk Jr. explains why he's fallen for Lauren B., why Becca could be his wife, and his thoughts on Krystal ahead of the season 22 Jessica Radloff.

Things get contentious at the "Women Tell All" taping. What's your opinion of her now? It's frustrating to watch it back.

Mar 06, аи Arie and Lauren B. may not be in the public's favor following the unconventional reason behind their post-Bachelor reunion. After initially proposing to Becca K. in Peru, Arie ended their. Arie and Lauren B. go on their date. On this date there are a lot of new things that Arie and Lauren B. are experiencing together but one thing remains constant: the lack of Rachel Lindsay. Jan 30, аи Now that three of the four Laurens originally on Arie Luyendyk's season of The Bachelor have left the show, Lauren-related jokes are limited to how Author: Kristen Perrone.

People should keep their opinions to themselves in a way, but I stood up for her up until this point. But after watching clips [where Krystal uses some strong language about Arie and the women], I was like, The gloves are off.

Who Is Lauren B. Dating Now After 'The Bachelor'? Arie Wants To Pick Up Where They Left Off

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