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Sagittarius and Capricorn - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Sagittarius & Capricorn Sun: Love Compatibility

The relationship of Sagittarius and Capricorn is somewhat a difficult combination but a lot to offer as well. Sagittarius can loosen up Capricorn, offering a freshness and encouragement that is hard to find, while Capricorn can help Sagittarius to see the value of planning ahead. A Capricorn man is a very practical and wise person. Although he aims high and strives for success, he believes that dreams are for the dreamers. With his feet firmly grounded, a Capricorn man chooses the tried and true over a risky adventure almost every time.

I like neat and clean places. Wow, you sound like such a loser. I am sure that he spends more time at work just to be away from your nagging. Do him a favor and leave now so he can find a real woman.

Was so ready to make her my world but after those things i saw i m just slowly backtracking and pulling out. I never loved any man in my life except this Capricorn gUY. TALL handsome dark ,all I could ever think off was him we got engaged and he knew my family very well. I started drinking excessively to forget him forever I made myself happy I have moved on with a new life and new place but I would never feel for anyone what I felt for him.

I feel love breaks you apart never love someone so much bcoz when it does it hurts you badly luckily for me as a Sagi girl I see everything positively and I hope whatever comes in my life whether Capricorn or gemini IDGAF!!! Hello Iona, You have touched my heart with your words. You are an amazing person and I can feel that. Be strong and be definitely sure that you have people around you and love you.

We love hard and we hate hard. Me a Capricorn guy I feel that Sagittarius girls are poles apart not recommended as I had a very short relation with sag girl for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks she in front of me got a new boyfriend WTF!

I was so pissed off. Truenot all sagittarius girls are sameI got to know my co worker recently who is more of a friend to me is sagittarius girl and she is very religious and very respectful person. Im a woman Sagittarius And I like a Capricorn guy. I believe in this bond you just tell him all the best. Our relationship is freash not gonna lie, and its been bumpy, but i really love him, i can tell he still is withholding his emotions from me but nonetheless i try to show him how much i care and want to be with him and its gotten better results each time we go through something.

We been thru it all together. This was due to discouragement from Astrology. However, this is a matter of the heart and she even is interested in me! Much as Astrology claims we are incompatible in all ways, I am ready to give in. Is it really worth being with a Capricorn man?

At least none that I know of. I am a 26 year old Sag woman dating a 23 year old Cap man.

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Although as saggis are more changable and spontaneous, adapting to serious and principal Capri is up to us. It is taking something, like spontanity and adventurous spirit, and also in a long run you can get tired of your capri beign always sceptical about things.

But in exchange you get very intellectually sharp, interesting, very funny and humorous person around you, which has absolutely turned my worldwiew around, in a good way, which will always supply you with the stability and security at the same time not being too jelous and letting you explore the world what you wish. There sulery is very explosive attraction and my strong and very masculine, even a bit brute, but just the right amount of it,muahahh,?

So yea, capris know how to balance the lack of something like dreaming and to sweet romance. But it takes work!! So Good luck everyone!! Tell him honestly that you love him and loyalty is primary to you. You need to tell him that he is primary in your live and want to be his one and only. I am not with my cap man, and I miss him every day of my life. I wish you the best of luck.

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Oh Boy! Well I felt something but we all deny. It was crazy because he was always around me staying over blah blah.

miss good

I was talking to other guys the whole time during that and had some dates of my own, so I kinda of excuse it but still secretly hold it against him. He claims he is ready for the fairy tale am I? Well he end up getting a new job! I told him before he left that I was not going to see him no more. Which was true he avoided me, stop texting me. I would call him would not answer. I would call from a different number he would hang up when he would hear my voice.

My last contact with him was in early part of July. I emailed him on Facebook late November and requested him as my friend. I was shocked he accepted my friendship! I went a step further and followed him on Instagram. Normally I would be mad if he take too long to follow me back! But 2 days later he followed me back.

the sincerest form

I use to texted him every two days. I am proud of myself! Maybe now I can except just being friends! Thanks Everyone comments!

I see he was not lying about not liking me more than friends. Chances are he may like you. If he is bringing coffee, doing lunches between you and him, then its pretty clear he likes you. But hes not going to say it outright. Instead, he lets his gestures do the talking. Now if you pick it up, then great. If your missing it, look closer.

He may be telling you without telling you. Cap men take time and assess who they like. This will only work perhaps when the sag has had her heart broken many times, has learned that a rolling stone will gather no mass and generally found the focus in life. I am guessing in the 40s. As intelligent as I am which is to say something ; courageous, witty, funny and most importantly very grounded he is like a rainbow of colors and I am like a child - mesmerized well he says the same to me.

Caps will test you. Every word and sentence you utter will be deeply looked into. Their emotions are deep, once they open up - oh my god. We are friendly but Caps are Social We are brave and they are courgeous.

We are philosophical and they are sage. My longest, his longest. And in the beginning it seemed like we were completely similar. Just to find out we are compleeetely polar. Now here are some messages to back up what I said. And we can never be friends outside of sex. Especially not me.

You should know this by now.

all, see all

I told him i love him as my friend and i want us to be the way we were prior to my feelings. Moving On! I am in love with a Capricorn man! I am 37 and he is First of all we get along so well majority of the time. We work together for a whole year side by side and I never paid any attention to him. I have been single for 9 years going on 10, I have not been intimate at all. Part of me feel as if I am desperate and seeking any type of attention.

How the ever I started talking with him at work just casual conversation. I had a wedding coming up so I could not bare going to a wedding alone. I ask him would he go with me he agreed. I was shocked how the ever I looked into his eyes and I started to feel something for him.

Now prior to the wedding I asked him would he date someone like me. I must say I was not keeping my apperance up like I should because I was in a self loathing mindset. He respond no I am not his type. I went and got my hair done eyebrows arch! Before i did all this I asked him would he like to go out to dinner, he said yes. I was going to cancel the dinner because I did not have no money due to getting beautyfied.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility - The Definitive Guide

He responded by sa ying I have it. Moving on! I dont take no for answer! I could not wait until i got to work because i wanted to fix our friendship. He makes me ready to settle down not a sag traits!!! I am a Sagittarius Female. He was very romantic, he was always there for me, he was not cheap, thoughtful, he was always down for an adventurehe was FUN yet boring at the same time. This so called prince turned into a devil disguise. Funny how love can turn into hate.

My first love broke my heart for the first time. Justin Bieber song lol Love is pain. He was annoying as hell. But anywaysWe were not compatible. Good Luck. I have been in a relationship with a Capricorn man for almost 2 years. He is the best thing next to my son that has ever happen in my life. I am a Sag woman and I have never met anyone who completes me more.

good tune

He keeps his emotions close to him, but in time he has open up more. What I find most desirable about him is his relationship with God. He is straight forward and to the point and does not worry about anyones opinion of him. I love this man so completely that it would throw my life into a tailspin should I ever loose him. I am proud to be his girl and to know he thinks of me as his partner.

He makes me feel like the luckest woman in the world.

the details

Im a Sag woman and i was in love well still is in love with a Cap male he was my first love bt we broke up bt i want him bck bt he has seem to move on back to his first love we still try to be friends bt my feelings for him is still strong but my emotions for him is so mixed up. Idk wat to do can someone help me. Natasha did u ever get him back natasha? Im not ready to face his family. Surely everybody around us will get mad of us. Guys, can you help i have no one to talk to. He was born 14 Jan What should i do???

I love him too. Cap male is really sweet like my bf ryt now. I am a Cap guy and have never been romantically involved with a Sagittarius. This is eerily true I am in love with a capricorn man I only wish he felt the same.

I was and still am madly in love with my Cap boy. I really hope he will take me back.

Sagittarius man dating capricorn woman

I am a cap man and my love is sag woman. On the drive home we were sitting in the front together taking shifts driving. I was feeding him food whilst he drove.

We got back and we hung out more, I would bake him a cake or bring over left overs. We would hang out in a group once a week. I even asked him to do me a favour and help my dad out with electrician stuff. Sag took his one day off to come and help me free of charge.

The connection between the Capricorn woman and the Sagittarius man is not always a strong one, for she is a homebody and he is a wanderer. Tuesday, December 31, Sun Author: Donna Roberts. Jan 08, †∑ The Capricorn woman and Sagittarius man match puts the queen of the hill in with the joker of the deck, giving a lot of opportunities for some spicy fun, but also a number of questions that need to be asked with solemn honesty if the relationship is to last. Sagittarius man, Capricorn woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. In general, a Sagittarius man and a Capricorn woman will either get together or they wonít. These are very different signs, but they do understand each Cynthia Thinnes.

Him and my dad got on so well. He has been to my house so many times now and my parents just steal him away. I went out one night and was not expecting to see him. I went through a phase after my first boyfriend as a bit of a destructive mess, I had no self respect. Since I have grown up to be otherwise, no longer do I look for any way that I can get a glimmer of love from some douche.

So he was there with some girls, I thought alright tease him a bit, see if he follows. At this point I had no clue as to how he felt about me, only hope from what people had said. So that night I was just not stuck to him at all, not like the girl who was next to him. I was with him for a little while chatting. Then I went and socialised just had a good time. I went and spoke to people just in his view, I was getting txts from him whilst he was with that other girl.

In some ways I wanted to be a bit unattainable to him, not like most girls how flung themselves at him. He forgot about the bet. But dinner changed to him baking me a chocolate tart. This was a year after the bet was made. He had a girl he was interested in, like a gf.

He had broken up with the other one a little while after we met and he went playing the field for a while; hence why I stayed away too much risk. I had a friend mention her in front of me and I would ask about her, further cementing my attempt at covering how I felt. He was in a relationship with her and I had relationships going in and out. We were always crossing paths but never at the same time.

So I just went on with seeing other people and stayed friends. He explains he has a surprise for me. I love surprises but they also scare me, due to the unknown.

I was at a mutual friends house and he and his gf came over with a chocolate tart he had baked especially for me. He usually msgs me first. Recently at the end of last year he msged me out of the blue. We were talking about this girl, he had seen at a club who looked exactly like me. I joked about him taking her home. He has never been so up front about anything like this with me. He then goes on to make a bet with me about the most likes for a random profile pic, has to pay for dinner.

Other things went on in the conversation and he joked that we should pretend to date. We just sat there joking around and stuff. I thought nothing of it, cause I told him I was seeing someone at the time.

ill wind

A month later, we msg again. We talk about dinner again and once again he is really forward to me. We then talk at another time, he asks me if I am cooking him dinner or taking him out.

I told him my family would steal him away from me. He talked about how my family loved him and we should just date and get married. We would have gorgeous babies together.

It was very weird. I just took it as a joke, but who jokes about dating more than once. He moved to WA, before christmas for a job. He came back for a little bit over christmas but I was too busy. He went back to WA the day before my birthday. We snapchatted the other day but now I am just kind of going on with things to see what happens rather than chasing him too much. Sorry that was so long. I found myself feeling really shit after the first couple of days because I didnt feel like I fitted in and no one was really paying attention to me.

On my first day I saw him and immediently felt a connection this was when I saw him walk in to work I tried to keep my attention focused on my work but he was working in the same area as me. After that day he started working in the same room as me we work at a childcare centre and I was blown away at how well he worked with kids. I could tell he was trying to get my attention to by showing off with the kids and jumping the fence to fetch the balls that get accidental thrown over, I couldnt help but smile.

On my last day I felt really sick and could hardly talk, it was close to closing time but some kids parents were running late. It was then that he disappeared, I later found him in the staff room and I felt a little bit of tension but I just assumed it was me over thinking things. And what I have read is very true. I smiled and laughed as I read the entire compatibility chart.

He read it also and laughed as well. We both take each day as the first day we met and that keeps our friendship strong. He always say to me that our bond can never be broken. We shall see what the future brings. I saw him on the train on my way work and he was reading the bible. That was enough to get my attention. I found myself purposely going into work late just to get a glimpse of him on the train, and crushing harder every time.

All these months of staring at each other, and neither one of us would say anything. Today, I finally decided to say something. I wrote him a love note on my iphone and when I got on the train, I handed him my phone so that he could read it.

He went ahead and saved my number in his phone and we chatted for the duration of the train ride! Easier said than done but so up for the challenge!! I met a sag guy on an online meeting site where there is people in the same state as you or at least lives close to you. But then he would like my Instagram photos late at night at like 1am so it was hard to forget about him.

He came back into my life like last month saying he missed me and wanted to get back together with me.

Sagittarius & Capricorn Sun: Love Compatibility

And I agree I have no idea why because of the pain and I felt like he used me. But I think he was hurt. There is definitely a lack of miscommunication. I usually start the conversation. And I have no idea wtf he is thinking. Someone help me!

The Sagittarius man is a fiery and passionate lover, while the Capricorn woman is a sensual and earthy lover - together they can move mountains and have a whale of a time in the process. Beyond the bedroom, you might be surprised to know that the same kind of compatibility endures too. Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman experience many miracles in their relationship, once they really decide to be together. He has truly magical ways of lifting the spirits of his Capricorn woman out of her own deep spells to make her a brighter person and she solves all the twinkles and riddles of her Sagittarius man to make him a more satisfied person. Jan 23, †∑ Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility. The relationship of Sagittarius and Capricorn is somewhat a difficult combination but a lot to offer as well. Capricorn wants to garner some sort of security from the plans for relationship, while Sagittarius prefers to "wing it". Sagittarius can loosen up Capricorn, 1/5(1).

I am a Capricorn woman, I met a Sag guy on an online dating site. I am a Capricorn woman with a Sag man for about a year and a half. Believe it our not we had our first fight 2 weeks after meeting online about insecurity.

I am not going to lie, our fights have increased as time goes by, but the fights makes our love stronger. He brings out both the good and bad in me and yet he continues to love me. Cap and Sag relationships are never going to be easy. It only gets worse. Talk about the fight and arguement. Love, trust, loyalty; everything!! I had date with sag man, that was the first time we met, my family found him on matrimonal website, he messaged like he was very much intrested and drove for 4 hours, picked me up at train station and dropped me back while on date I thought everything was so good, i thought he WILL say yes, but he rejected me, I cant stop thinking about him.

I am cap women. Do u think i should email him or should i ask him why he rejected me? Help me please Any response would be appreciated. I am head over heals for a sagg man too quickly, its been a month only.

I know he felt something or he wouldnt have given me so much of his timeor does that mean nothingplease advisefearful cap lola. Demi26 : Age does not count, Let the love flow. We both have been through too many bad times but the Good times kept us on. We have been dating for two years now and i proposed to her yesterday. I cant see myself been able to spend my life with another person than my Cap Lady.

To my fellow Sag Men, The Cap is not easy to get, but she worth waiting for. Am keeping mine for the rest of my life. Just thinking about him gives me butterflies in my stomach. When we talk, whether on the phone or in person, he has me giggling like a little schoolgirl.

No other guy has ever been able to do that. I really want this to work. We talk on the phone all night and the conversations never get old. Should I be worried about the age difference?? Good to read you comments. Found myself with a Sag also since two month ago. Amazing the attraction between us. A Sag is going to make things clear and decide you think? It really is uncomparable.

And it seems we end up in a lot of Perfect Person but not Perfect Timing situations which is so crap. So i am not going to give up, doesnt mean i am not going to continue to enjoy my life with other things, but i wont give up on this girl. Nothing in this world worth having - comes easy.

I know youve been waiting for that sign and i beleive shes the one for you. Just go for it. Im a capricorn woman and a sag man been chasing me for the past 2 years and im sooo atracted to him but his married. We spoke once and thats all it took. We keep on bumping into each other but no words would come out from us were both shy to admit that were so much compatible in the most elemental way and afraid to accept that were crazy for each other, i know that his wanting to communicate to me but also afraid because his already commited but im so darn hoping that someday there will be a chance for us.

I am a Sag man who has been pursuing a Capri woman for about 18 months now. It takes so much patience and its so hard for me being a Sag who is use to everything moving fast. I have had to teach myself to be patient and understand the Capri woman - but even though its so hard and painful sometimes - I do it on the belief that she will be worth the wait. She initiates contact a lot more - so its been good.

We have one challenge, she lives a 45 minute boat trip away in another country - and has opposite work hours to me which makes it challenging but im very supportive of her work as i know she is a capri. Like work stuff comes up, or something at her house comes up, i guess its not fully her fault, but it just seems like i am forever waiting. She never cancels the date fully, but it will get pushed a week back or something. So i am feeling a bit down right now.

The Capricorn female will be caught by his charm and they will spend the rest of the night in intellectual conversations. These two can feed off each otherís ideas for success. When the Sagittarius Man starts dating the Capricorn woman, life will be bliss as he likes new . Sagittarius man - information and insights on the Sagittarius man. Sagittarius woman - information and insights on the Sagittarius woman. Sagittarius horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Sagittarius horoscopes. Sagittarius compatibility - the compatibility of sagittarius with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Apr 09, †∑ The unlikely pairing between a Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman holds quite a lot of surprises and isnít as cut and dry as many would assume. The archer and the sea-goat are polar opposites in so many ways and while it is true the potential for conflict is great, it .

Should i keep waiting or really just move on? It would be so hard to give up on this girl cos she really is a keeper - but it just seems like forever waiting and forever disappointment. I know that because I m a sagg man dating female capricorn for almost a year now.

Be honnest and open up to him, I know that you capricorns are hard to open up, and release your emotions. I hope everything turns out good. I have been with my sagitarrius man for 3 years now, and love him more everyday.

May be he thinks that one day you might love him with all your heart like he does to you. But Dear its not about him, you need to be in a relationship that makes YOU happynot emotionally drains you. If you decide to give up on him, be aware of what else you will give up on.

His qualities are outstanding, and as cap women I chose him to be my partner for the qualities he possesses. Not only does he have amazing qualities, and security on all levels, he also loves me for all my flaws. I chose him only because I was using my head, but when I tried to signal my mind to my heart, I failed miserably.

I need advice, any would be great. Please help Shall I give up on love for a secure and stable life? Or take the risk and follow my heart even if the chance of finding a man that possess the same qualities never come again? Whenever I chose to leave him for the sake of love, I think what if the only chance of the life I dreamt of goes away with him? And what will happen to his fragile heart if I leave him?

Cappy I am a 29 year old Sag man. I say things things kinda quirky to my female friends like, hey buddy, hey lady. I do speak Spanish and Italian so I will use hey guapa, or hola guapa.

I am caught up with two females right now. Not dating either of them and not imitate with any of them. One is a capricorn and the other is an aries. I dont know what way to go If he is like me I would say that he like you like the way you think he does. I wold say go for it!!! But i dunno if he is into meor not ,i. But i dunno if he is into meornot ,i. Hi,if there is a saggi guy here,i need help,i have known a saggi guy for almost 4tears now,though we only met a few times cos we live in different cities,and like a capri it took a long time fall in love.

I too have fallen in this bitter sweet love of a sag manits all ssssooooo true. I am a Capricorn woman in a relationship with a saggitarius man.

We been through the bad times as well as the good times, which is the best feeling ever. Word of advice when things are going bad my fellow capricorn woman hang in there and like it says compromise its well worth it!

He and I can just hang out and feel like time flies.

line the bottom

I am a capricorn woman falling in love with a sagittarius man. It has only been a couple of months, but it has been intense. But, as always, I remain cautious due to fear of being left alone. I am a Capricorn woman dating a Saggittarius man. We are very intimate but have not gone all the way as yet and he is very patient about it.

We are not dating. But we have had a physical relationship for over a year. Reading this compatibility, from the Capricorn womans perspective, it is so true! It amazed me. After all, it has been over a year. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Like 4. Share this. Ethan December 9th, Like 0. Satyawan shinde June 12th, I want one relationship but i aany time love Like 0. CapGirl October 12th, Drea November 23rd, Thank you for this genuine advice.

I really appreciate this. God bless. TotesUrGoat November 27th, CapGirl December 9th, CP May 20th, DS December 2nd, I have a Virgo moon and Sagittarius Venus by the way Like 0.

Hey there!

Neha July 22nd, NK Like 0. KingSagg May 1st, Azalea June 2nd, Shae March 29th, Grace July 18th, S January 28th, Mike May 12th, Jessy January 18th, Shawna January 27th, Lyssa January 15th, Shannon January 10th, Miss J December 28th, Tlnscuba September 29th, Mary December 18th, I swear it is like I just wrote that.

Dreazaire September 19th,

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