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Percabeth fanfiction TextingStory #1

Hey guys! And thus, this story was born. Hope you enjoy, and please review! I will fight to defend this camp with my life. But these aren't enemies.

Percy arrived back at his cabin tired from a long day of training. He went to the shower to erase the sweat and grime that coated his body. He turned the water on hot, just the way he liked it.

He took off his clothes and got in. He was so tired he didn't hear the door to his cabin open for the sound of footsteps. His senses alerted him when he felt a presence behind him.

- | unleash This is where the Percy/Reyna stories that aren't just fluff reside. These are the stories that have an amazing plot line as well as the romance. If you want to become a staff member, or want me to add a story, please PM me. The Legacy of Asgard by Anaklusmos Percy Jackson and his Goddesses, Demigods & Mortals. sheltie Summary: Just like HBG (Harry's Brainy Girls) and KG (Ketchum's Girls). This has Percy Jackson as the main guy getting the girls in the PJ universe as well as the Heroes of Olympus series too. Reyna has been the best girlfriend ever despite their little disputes. Percy still has no memories but with Reyna, they don't even matter. She returned to her stacks of work. Percy stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders and his thumb rubbing her back. He could only tell he was affecting her by her handwriting.

He spun around to find a slightly soaked Annabeth, his girlfriend. Percy was a bit nervous since Annabeth was just as naked as he was and he could see that his girlfriend was nicely figured. She was toned and tanned a combination you get when you trained and fight monsters on a daily basis like they do. Her golden hair, which was soaked was stuck to her back. He saw that her breasts were perky and everything he dreamed of.

They weren't overly big, but just the size he liked.

Percy and reyna dating fanfiction

He found that she had no hair covering her pussy. He could feel his cock stiffen with just his naked girlfriend standing by him. I am the daughter of Athena and I always have a plan. And I think this is a great plan" Annabeth said. She then began scrubbing Percy with the washcloth she had in one hand and a bar of soap in the other.

Percy couldn't help, but groan as he felt Annabeth work his back.

Percy Jackson: Truth or Dare 1

Her touch along with the hot water was working its magic. It soothed all the muscles. Percy's eyes shot open as Annabeth moved to his front. He became a bit embarrassed and coved his manhood. Annabeth wasn't having any of it and tugged Percy's hands away. I wonder if you had inherited this from your father? Percy gulped as he watched Annabeth lick her lips then engulf the head of his cock. He hissed and fought the urge to grab her head. He didn't want to force her.

But he groaned as he felt Annabeth's tongue swirl around his cock head. Who knew his Wise Girl had such a talented tongue. Annabeth had read a lot about giving fellatio and felt confident in what she was doing to her boyfriend.

From the sounds she was hearing it only encouraged her to work harder and faster. She began bobbing her head as she sucked and swirled.

Annabeth seemed ready for this and she pulled back enough so the tip of Percy's cock was in her mouth. She worked his balls a bit and soon her mouth was filled with Percy's demigod seed.

- | unleash So lately, I've fallen in love with the pairing Percy/Reyna. And thus, this story was born. Hope you enjoy, and please review! Reyna's POV: "You all raised me as praetor for a reason. I will fight to defend this camp with my life. But these aren't enemies. I . - | unleash It had only intensified after he started dating Annabeth, and they learned it was a shared fetish. After that, they took turns using her invisibility hat. Percy pulled down pants and boxers and began stroking his raging erection. Reyna's fantastic ass stared at him and he couldn't help himself, he slowly pulled down her. Piper and Percy are trying to get over there break up with Jason and Annabeth. What will happen when Piper and Percy start dating and have to deal with truth or dare, friendship, even Tartarus, and worst of all high school? #cheater #- #jasongrace #love #percyjackson #percyxpiper #pipercy #pipermclean #romanceReviews: 4.

She swirled it around in her mouth analyzing the taste. She deemed it tasty and now she had a favorite flavor, Percy's seed. Percy was gasping for breath after getting blown by his girlfriend. Gods, he had no idea it felt like that. Percy gulped. He was just as much a novice as Annabeth was when it came it sexual things, but be knew he didn't want to disappoint her.

So he got down on his knees and went at her cunt. He gave it a tentative lick and she tasted almost as sweet as ambrosia.

sauce for the

He wanted to taste more so he dove in. Annabeth had gd when she first felt Percy tongue on her, but now she was moaning and gripping on to anything to keep her upright. Percy's tongue though inexperienced was doing the job.

She liked the feelings she was feeling and wanted more. With one hand holding herself up she used the other and forced Percy's head further into her.

Percy felt the pressure and ate his girlfriend out faster and harder. He then remembered something he read and with one hand he searched out Annabeth's clit. Her orgasm rocked her as soon as Percy rubbed her clit.

Her knees were weak and she had no idea how she was still standing. This was so much better than one's fingers. Percy removed his head panting, his face covered with Annabeth's juices. He rose up and kissed Annabeth having her taste herself. Annabeth liked the way she tasted and she liked her juices off Percy's face.

Once clean Annabeth wanted to finish it. She took Percy's cock and aimed right at her cunt. At the same time he pushed his cock into Annabeth. He felt her barrier, which made his stop.

And while trying to sort out who should be praetor, who was in charge in the end, Reyna and Jason grow particularly close to Percy. While Frank ends up being co-praetor at Reyna's side, Percy finds his place at the side of the mated pair of Reyna and Jason. Meant to Be (A Percy x Reyna Fanfic) Fanfic. Things just aren't the same between Percy and Annabeth anymore. They end on good terms and Annabeth and Leo wind up together. This is a love story between Percy and Reyna. Sorry if it's not that good. #fanfic #- #hoo #pereyna #pjo #romanceReviews: 9. Reyna pushed Percy down onto the bed, tracing her hands along him. "No. I think you got it wrong. I think what we were doing was this," He switched their positions, grabbing Reyna and flipping her over. Now, he was the one on top. He began to nip at her neck, listening to her quiet moans. Reyna buried her fingers in Percy's jet black hair.

He pulled back a bit making Annabeth whine a bit. He then pushed back in hard breaking it. Annabeth screamed into Percy's mouth since they never broke their kiss.

"Reyna, you look uh you-" he started to say but Reyna raised her hand for him to stop. "Please don't. The place looks amazing, Percy." Reyna complimented. Percy was still looking her up and down (his eyes only hesitating at her cleavage and her legs) but when he snapped out of it he said his thanks. Reyna looked again at the walls and roof.

Tears graced her cheeks and Percy stopped and stroked Annabeth's face lovingly. He pulled back to look at her with a bit of concern. Her voice still tinged with pain. Soon Annabeth was ready and moved her hips to give Percy the signal. Percy began pumping in and out a good pace for the both of them. They were both moaning and groaning due to their coupling. Percy held Annabeth tight to him as he rained kisses down on her.

stranger than fiction

Annabeth gripped Percy's shoulders tightly to stay up. Pleasure soared through her body and mind she had never felt before anything like it before. It felt amazing and in a small part of her brain she wondered if Percy felt the same, but that would be asked later.

fire with fire

Percy was amazed how tight, hot and wet Annabeth was. He could feel every part of her.

let the cat

She was humming for him. He could just tell. He loved being inside her and could tell by the look in her eye that she felt the same. Percy leaned in and kissed Annabeth. Annabeth kissed Percy back with great passion. Annabeth sighed feeling Percy's warm seed in her. She thanked the gods that she protected herself. Though as a daughter of Athena, she always had a plan. Soon after they finished showering they got into some sleep clothes.

He is not even Greek. A Norse goddess has her sights set on Midgard and Percy is the last of his people left on earth as he awaits his destiny. To reach it, grudges and prejudices must be forgotten and he must find acceptance in a world in which he does not belong. AU of Percy's life as a Norse demigod.

Most of them that is. The second giant war is over.

the beginning not

Olympus should be in peace. But after Zeus is dethroned and he is about to raze Olympus for its treachery. Who still stand with Percy and the demigods when the gods have clearly turned on them! Mercury finds him and offers him a new home in a very unlikely place, the underworld. Percy is trained to the be the most powerful demigod to ever live and is sent to Camp Jupiter by Lord Pluto.

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