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Author's Note : I have a slightly different take on Anko than a lot of other authors do. I find her to be outspoken, but not some kinky mistress who likes to dominate men. She's tough, but I've always assumed she would appreciate a man who could make her feel like a woman. This is my attempt at NaruAnko Also, Naruto is about nineteen in this fic, a jounin, and he is drinking. I don't think bartenders card jounins. I think they let them slip by no matter what age they are.

Hinata was sitting in the guest room of the Hyuuga compound waiting for her time to come out. She looked out the window and saw Tenten giving out orders to everyone within her sight, no one was safe from the weapon expert of the village. Hana was checking to make sure everyone was who they claimed to be and had their invites, no one got passed her nose. Just as the clone opened the door Kurenai and Hanabi walked in, "you know your not to leave this room Hinata" Kurenai said.

Kurenai rolled her eyes, "you always will come before him, your the daughter I always wanted and the sister I never wanted" she said.

Hinata Threatens Sakura For Going Out With Naruto

Hinata was woken up from her dream by someone knocking n her door, "Hinata time to wake up" the person said. Hinata moaned and rolled over and climbed out of bed she walked to her closet and looked at herself in her large mirror, "I wish I could talk to Naruto-kun without making myself look stupid" she whispered. She walked out to the family dining room after she showered and dressed and saw only Hanabi there, "where is father he is usually the first one here" she asked.

She looked over at her sister, they never been close but she never actually tried to talk to Hanabi either.

After giving it some thought she decided to try and become closer to her, "so Hanabi what are you going to do today" she asked. Hanabi looked up from her food, "why are you so interested, you never showed interest before" she asked.

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Hanabi watched her leave and looked back at the servant, "what did I do wrong" asked the 7 year old. Hinata was walking through the village when Kiba stopped her, "hey Hinata where are you going we don't find out if we made the cut to be a team until tomorrow" he asked. Kiba looked at the retreating girl in shock. A few feet from Kiba stood an equally shocked Naruto, Hana, and Tenten. Kiba looked at them, "was it something I said" he asked.

Unknown to the 4 a purple haired jounin saw the entire things and decided to have a talk with a certain Hyuuga heir. She quickly found said girl sitting in a forest looking over a waterfall, "beautiful isn't it" she asked. Anko noticed she don't stutter when panicked or angered, "you first should work on that stutter, then you should work on your confidence, then refine your skills" she said. Hinata stood on the lake with Anko, who took out a few kunai's, "now this part of training is the speed and agility, the best kunoichi will never overpower most shinobi's, with the exception of Tsunade of course, now in order to give yourself a fair chance you have to be able to dodge any and everything that comes your way" she said.

And immediately started to throw the kunai's at Hinata. Hinata dodged to the right and had to quickly jumped to the left, as soon as her feet touched the water she was hit with a kunai, "Hinata never take you eyes off your opponent, always be ready to dodge anything" Anko coached.

folk's this is a Naruto x Anko fic. Didn't think someone wasn't crazy enough to do it, well your wrong!!! Hahahahahahahaha!! Okay I'm done laughing. Anyway this is an AU Sasuke didn't leave to go join the sound, there will be a hint of OOC. But enough of this pointless drivel on with the show! Disclaimer: i don't own Naruto ANKO By. NINJ4.

They continued for a few more minutes, "OK Hinata that's enough you did good, now I want to start you with a little taijutsu training" Anko said.

Hinata got into her Jyuuken stance, "I'm not expert on Jyuuken, but ain't your stance a little off" Anko asked. Anko nodded, "a simple solution but not very effective, have you thought about modifying the style into something your comfortable with" she asked.

Hinata went into every stance she could think of but none was just right in her mind. After 30 minutes she gave up, "I can't find a stance that I feel comfortable with" she said.

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Hinata stumbled back and was able to dodge under Anko's hit and spent around her and struck out at the jounin, who smacked Hinata's hand aside and continued her attack. Hinata continued to dodge Anko's attacks the best she could. They spared for an hour and a half until Anko stopped with no warning, "Hinata you did good, but the reason I stopped is because you almost developed a style that fits your body" she said.

Hinata took a deep slow breath, she put her arms up so they both was in front of her, but the right one was bent at the elbow so it was just in front of her right breast, the left arm was barely bent at the elbow, she then started to stagger around, think Jackie Chan's drunken fist, she moved around but never losing her balance or center of gravity, "now act like your fighting someone" Anko ordered. Hinata staggered around and threw her right hand out faster than she ever did in the 'normal' Jyuuken stance, she turned and spent while bending at the waist and kicking behind her with her left leg.

She threw herself on her hands and did a handspring and spread her legs while turning her hands so she was spinning, then flipped up right and got back into her fighting stance, stagger and all. Anko smiled, "great job Hinata, once you master this stance you will be great, now all you have to do is learn another taijutsu style to mix it up and you will be fine" she praised.

Anko and Hinata walked through the forest back towards the village to eat lunch. They arrived at a small diner and saw Kurenai so went to join her, "hey Hime" Anko said.

Kurenai rolled her eyes, "that had nothing to do with it, I chose Hinata because she reminds me of myself and I believe she can become a sennin with the right training"she said. Hinata walked into the compound happy that she was now a genin but tired from the training she went through. She walked to her room without being spotted by anyone and laid on her bed.

When there was a knock on her door, "Hinata can I come in" she heard Hanabi's voice. Hanabi walked in the room, "sorry I didn't mean what I said earlier" she said. Hinata just looked at her, to Hanabi her older sister seemed different than any Hyuuga, "I want to get to know you better also" she said.


Hinata continued to look at her, "well I'll be in my room if you want to talk to me" she said. Hinata smiled, "we are sisters we will say things that the other don't like, its part of the deal we get" she said.

Hinata stood hidden behind a building watching as team 7 left foe a mission in Wave.

Naruto and anko dating fanfiction

She wanted to tell him bye, good luck on his mission, something anything but she couldn't get her legs to move or her mouth to speak. So she just stood there with the lunch she made for him as he walked further and further away from the village. She sighed and tried not to cry at her own weakness when he was out of her sight. She walked to her secret waterfall and sat down with the lunch specially made for Naruto.

The Secret of our Hearts. Chapter 1: A Heart Reborn." (AN: Konnichiwa! This is my first fic, so please be gentle with me. In this story, I decided to change the ages a bit. During the Chuunin exams, Naruto was 14 here, and Anko was This story takes place four years later. Meaning Naruto is 18, and Anko is ) Konoha Village. What is the worst Naruto - cliches you have read? Harems, Naruto dating older women at 12 years old, Anko (Not Hating but still) or whatever? - | unleash "What are you gonna teach me today Anko?" Naruto asked, looking up at her with innocent blue eyes. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Anko replied. "It'll make it so there's more of you." Anko drooled at the thought of experiencing the three way no jutsu or even the legendary gang bang no jutsu. "Now be a good boy and learn.

Kurenai came up to her a few minutes later, "didn't go so well did it" she asked. Hinata giggled at the thought of Naruto doing what she said when she said it. Hinata, Tenten, and Hana was walking around the village since they all had the day off.

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Since Naruto was still in Wave Hinata couldn't spy on him like she always did so she decided to explore the village with her two best friends. As they walked past a shinobi shop Hinata stopped, "whats wrong Hina" Hana asked.

The three thought for a minute when Tsume walked up to them, "what are you three doing I thought you would be shopping or something on your free day" she asked. Hinata, Tenten, and Hana thanked Tsume and walked into the clothing store, "so Hina what style are you going to get him" Tenten asked. So now with a few pairs of pants, shirts, and a pair of standard shinobi sandals the three walked to the register, "wait why not get him a jacket also" Hinata asked.

Kurenai looked at the lady, "I'm sure both the Hyuuga and Inuzuka clans will be happy to hear that your refusing to sell anything to their heirs" she said and walked out the store with Hinata, Hana, and Tenten.

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Hinata paid for the clothes and walked out, "now why are you buying these" Kurenai asked. The three walked to Tenten's family shop after saying bye to Kurenai, "now why did you want to come here" Tenten asked. Tenten walked into the back and came out with a new katana, "its a new one my dad just made" she said. He nodded, "just like most true kenjutsu masters, are you willing to put your blood on this katana" he asked.

Tenten pulled out the katana and pointed it at Hinata, Hinata placed her palm on the blade and Tenten quickly sliced her palm with the katana, it made a ringing noise then stopped, Tenten cleaned the blade and put it in its sheaf, "here is your new katana" she said. Hinata smiled, "thank you" she said taking the weapon.

The sheaf and handle of the katana was light purple while the blade was black. They saw them walking up to the gate and smiled, "hey why are all you here" Naruto asked. Kurenai and Anko watched her chase him, "never thought I would find a reason to say this but I'm glad I'm with you" Kurenai said.

Naruto looked back the others still there, "well um, will you all go to lunch with me, please" he asked. The way he asked sounded to them as if he was begging and none could turn him down so they all went to Ichiraku's Ramen to eat lunch. Naruto ate while telling them about the mission and how he had a bridge named after him.

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Tenten elbowed Hinata, "give him the gift" she whispered. Naruto looked at the scroll confused, "well are you going to open it" Ayame asked from across the counter. Naruto opened the scroll and found a bunch of red clothes, some sandals, some new kunai's and shuriken's and note telling him to be at Tenten's family shop every morning at 6, "wow thanks, but why do I have to be at Tenten's shop every morning" he asked.

She pulled out a box, "I'm not a kunoichi so I can't put it in a scroll, and I don't have a lot of money so I had to save up for it, I tried to buy it for when you became a genin but didn't have the money yet" she told him.

Looks like kurenai -, having naruto fanfic is currently dating. Shunsui pov 'so you're dating naruto then anko felt she thought that. A boy on a hong on a . The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive due to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers. While we have a plan to improve the situation, we expect intermittent problems to . The One Who Changed it all. "Yes Kurenai and me are dating" Anko said. "Oh" was all Hinata said. "Well now enough talk get up, time for training" Anko said. Anko, Tenten, and Hana waiting for Naruto and his team to return. They saw them walking up to the gate and smiled, "hey why are all you here" Naruto .

Naruto took the box and opened it, inside the box was a large book on sealing and how to perform them. Naruto looked at Ayame then everyone else, "thank you so much these are the best gifts I have ever gotten" he said.

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Naruto of course agreed and the first person he hugged was Hinata who was the closest to him, "thank you so much Hinata" the girl fainted in the hug. He then hugged Tenten and Hana thanking them both. A week later Jiraiya arrived in the village and went directly to the Inuzuka compound, "I'm here to see Tsume" he told the guard. Jiraiya found Naruto and watched him to see how skilled he was. When Naruto's team training was over Jiraiya had to restrain himself from one, killing Kakashi and two, going to the third and beating some sense into him for allowing Kakashi to be a sensei the way he treats his students.

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Jiraiya calmed down and followed Naruto into the forest where he made himself known, "Naruto Uzumaki I assume" he asked. Better summary inside.

- | unleash Follow/Fav A Welcomed Change. By: thatreevesgirl. Anko assumed she was certifiably insane for even considering Naruto, but now she is finding out how sane the idea of being with him actually is. And now she wanted to try dating Naruto? Anko assumed that she must have been certifiably insane. While Anko was lost in. Additionally, just about Naruto Anko Dating Fanfic every girl's bio will say what she likes to perform together with her clientele. It truly is simple to chance upon a Mumbai Escorts you may fall head over heels after seeing those photographs that are inviting/ After the secret of his heritage came out, Naruto made no secret about dating Anko or Hana. What wasn't known to the populace was that Hana and Anko knew about each other, and what Naruto, Hana and Anko didn't know was that there were bets on when the two kunoichi would find out about Naruto dating them both and what would happen afterwards.

On the day of Naruto's birth, a weird creature of Grimm appeared, taking form in a nine-tailed fox, seeing as how it was destroying the village they worked so hard to maintain for the last century, the past Hokage and the current Hokage devised a plan to save the village from destruction, by sealing it away in the leader's own son, Naruto.

Naruto x Harem. In an alternate universe, a world where many fandoms have mixed into one, Uzumaki Naruto, a 17 year old boy learns that not only is there more than just two genders but that these people are closer to him than he thought.

Overwhelmed by the Kyuubi's malicious chakra in Nami no Kuni, Naruto slaughters indiscriminately. Sakura's blood isn't even dry under his fingernails when the council pressures the Sandaime to dispose of their unstable jinchuuriki. Shimura Danzo offers a different solution, for the price of one Uchiha Sasuke In the midst of the Chunin Exams, a series of multiversal, mystical mishaps causes duplicates of Naruto and his friends and enemies to start popping in from alternate realities.

An alien species has found hope in Naruto, its parasites and worms will take every gasp of him and deliver a great force against the nations. When little Narumi Uzumaki finds an old shrine on the outskirts of Konoha, she makes the mistake of messing with the relic inside. The results prove to something of a life changer as she makes use of her Naruto, the local pariah of Konoha, is repeatedly abused by the villagers.

Seeing that enough is enough, he is more than ready to unleash his hatred onto the village he no longer trusted. But first, he decides to make bonds with some mysterious allies and make some ladies fall for him.

Naruto successfully defeated Pain and has finally won the day, gaining the approval of his peers and the adoration of Konoha. But in all the excitement, he's forgotten something important - someone important. Someone who had sacrificed everything for him and then simply watched from the sidelines with a smile on her face. The only cure is not something Naruto is comfortable with at all: as much sex as possible in the next seven days, with all the kunoichi they can find to help him.

With the last expert on the seal, Jiraiya, dead and the best medic in the world, Tsunade, still in a coma, Naruto doesn't have many options. Will he remember what he's forgotten in time to avoid dying along with the Nine-Tails, possibly taking the entire village with them?

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