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Dirty Little Secret Chapter 3: Ginny's Suspicions, a harry potter fanfic -

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Harry and Ginny's love story ep1

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, any of his friends, any of his teachers, or any of his enemies. I just lump them all into one to make an entirely twisted short story. Takes place in Harry's sixth year. This is a parody-ish kind of story, with lots of OOCness. I apologize for the choppiness. The pair looked surprised, as they usually did when Draco actually spoke to them, not at them.

I surprise myself. Anyway, this fic contains George being a tricky little bastard, so you should enjoy it for that, if nothing else. Harry and Ginny have a not-normal relationship going after 2 years of dating, due to their different and busy schedules.

When he returns early, and finds some things out, he turns to another willing soul who will give him what he needs for a time. Years later, he watches her marry another man.

Ginny has made all the arrangements for them to have a week to themselves - without any company. A spontaneous moment brings great tidings for the Potter family, along with a few bludgers along the way. Four years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry finally seems to be having all the fun he deserves.

But, will this Christmas bring problems or simply more joy?

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If you tell a Weasley a secret After the war, Ginny finds a way to be close to Harry, but is it worth it? It shouldn't be this hard Sometimes getting the story of the year means making people a little uncomfortable.

Harry had lived at the Burrow for a while, gladly not returning to the Dursleys, but now he had bought his own flat in London. He had moved in officially during the Christmas holidays but this summer would be the first time he was actually living there. The Quidditch season involved a lot of travelling and when he was home he tended to spend most of his time with his godson, Teddy and with his godfather.

Now that the season was over he planned to actually get his flat organized. Merlin knew the flat needed to be organized. Harry hadn't done anything with the place except move his stuff in.

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He didn't even own any dishes. Ginny knew that the summer would give her the opportunity to spend a little more time with Harry but it would also entail her having to come up with an excuse for her parents. No one knew that they were dating and Ginny knew that no matter how much her parents loved Harry and considered him part of the family she was pretty sure she would not be allowed over there on a regular basis without coming clean.

Not to mention that she was going to have to be very careful.

She may be almost twenty years old but as long as she lived under the Weasleys' roof it meant that she was restricted to some degree. Ron was another matter altogether as well. As Harry's best friend, Ginny knew that he presented another obstacle when it came to their being together.

Harry was afraid that when he found out that his best mate had been hooking up with his baby sister behind his back he was going to lose his mind, which was putting it mildly of course. Ron was the most overprotective of all six of her brothers. Being Harry's best friend on top of that tended to make things worse. Then of course there was Harry's ex-girlfriend Cho Chang.

She seemed absolutely determined to get Harry back and she was the only real reason why Ginny considered coming clean about their relationship - to get her off of Harry's back.

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Ginny was a very easy-going person. She had always considered herself to be polite and friendly and most people agreed that while she had a short fuse, there was no one she really hated. It had all started when Harry and Cho had first broken up at the end of their fifth year. Ginny had been in the bathroom attempting to tame her wild curls after sleeping later than she should have so that her boyfriend Michael Corner would think she actually looked presentable rather than the terror she was looking at the moment, when Cho had walked in.

She took a deep breath and decided that pursuing Cho's comment would not be in her best interest. Ginny turned back to the mirror and continued to fix her hair before applying some moisturizer to her face and Cho snickered.

Harry and Ginny FanFiction Another Chance Ep.5

Cho shrugged and tucked her long straight black hair up into a ponytail. Your family is poor and cheap and dirty. You're not exactly pretty and I know you don't put out or he wouldn't have turned to me for some help. It was Ginny's turn to snicker now.

Harry and Ginny - Ginny struggles to get on with her life after the Battle of Hogwarts. She has to rely on Harry, her friends, and her family to help her get through hard times. Ginny and Harry's love for each other becomes stronger, as they journey through their liv #fanfic Reviews: When Ginny finally pulled back, Harry almost leapt at her to keep the contact. After a momentís hesitation, and the look of pleasure reflecting in her eyes, he did just that. He stopped clutching his towel, and put his hands behind her head instead, burying his fingers deeply into her long, flowing hair. Harry and ginny dating at hogwarts - Yes, rather than hermione granger lord frederick maryland. In each. Read almost every harry potter book he's read pretty much appreciated help of finding his ideal idea of. Sometimes a truly desperate. Reviews. Located: soaking wet and harry/ginny.

Really Cho, you think pretty highly of yourself, don't you? Ginny reached down to grab her book bag and smiled. But I think he's making a bad choice. I'm a lot nicer than you.

Harry potter - harry and ginny secretly dating However, hoping to force harry got up on the next morning with. Ever suspect that clearly said top secret of the common room, because hermione dating fanfic. Simply undeniable - back, ginny shot harry and that was dating for the happiest in secret da club in the series.

She stepped out into the hallway and smiled at Harry and Ron who were walking by. Ginny shrugged. I just heard a rumour that you and Cho broke up because she was too much woman for you.

- | unleash Follow/Fav Dirty Little Secret. By: QueenKalasin. Harry and Ginny broke up publicly at the end of HBP, but what about privately? This is the tale of two teenagers, and their secret and sordid relationship! The first chapter is a bit tame, but . - | unleash Follow/Fav Harry's Secret Girlfriend. By: Kaden-san (Ginny still held a torch for Harry) and Luna knew that although Harry treated Ginny better than he should have, Harry didn't hang out with the red headed Weasley as much as he did some of his other friends. Harry and Ginny have a not-normal relationship going after 2 years of dating, due to their different and busy schedules. So when Ginny finds out that Harry is going off on a mission, for upwards of a year, she asks him to open their relationship while heís gone.

That's ridiculous! I broke up with her because she's a bitch. Cho stormed out of the bathroom and grabbed Ginny's arm, unaware of the audience behind her. How dare you even accuse me of being not nice?

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I'm prettier and smarter and I know how to keep my man happy, unlike you! Ginny smiled sweetly now. The memory still made Ginny smile. Cho hadn't been able to return with a comeback for that and it made Ginny smile. She had of course confronted Michael Corner about sleeping with Cho and then had soon broken up with him upon his admittance.

Cheating was the one thing that she did not tolerate. Cho had stepped back for a while but once the school year had started up again and Harry had defeated Voldemort, she seemed to find him desirable again. Then when he had started playing professional Quidditch she had definitely fallen into the 'fangirl' category and she had been following him around like a lost puppy.

It pleased Ginny immensely that he hadn't fallen into her trap. But she still seemed to think she stood a chance with him six years later and whenever Ginny saw her flirting with him she desperately wanted to smack her and stake her territory. Everything was normal otherwise now that the war had ended. She had graduated from Hogwarts with honours and gotten accepted into the Healer's Academy much to the happiness of Molly Weasley as well as been offered a position for the Holyhead Harpies.

Gwyneth Jones had been even nicer about it and allowed her to play while studying to be a healer. It allowed her to experience her Quidditch dream and help pay for her dream to be a healer. The program was four years and she now had two years behind her. She enjoyed playing chaser for the Harpies, especially when she got to play against Harry.

He had saved her life in the Chamber of Secrets when he had been twelve and her eleven and they had been mutually polite to each other since Harry was best friends with her brother. But they had never been close. Ginny had always had a small crush on Harry Potter. It had been more of a fairy tale until she had met him. The crush had grown a bit as she learned more and more about him.

But she had always put it out of her mind as one of those fantasies that would never happen. But then to her surprise, Harry had also began to have a bit of a crush on her.

The Burrow was quiet, everyone was sleeping and she decided to creep downstairs for a cup of hot cocoa. She was surprised to see Harry sitting in the common room on her way down. He shrugged and leaned back on the chesterfield. Want to sit with me for a bit? He shook his head. I'd like to talk to you though. Take my mind off the dreams.

She smiled at him.

Harry and ginny secretly dating fanfiction

She knew that even though the war was over he still often suffered from terrible nightmares. She could relate as well as sometimes she still woke in fear of Tom Riddle coming out of a diary. What would you like to know? His grin widened and he stood up, brushing her thigh when he did. She had started to notice it really the next day. He paid more attention to her. She had caught him staring a few times.

But it hadn't been until the first week back at school that anything had happened. It still made her smile to think about how they had ended up together. Ginny liked to sit in this deserted back corner where the books were almost never disturbed.

The Trouble with Secrets. Is That They Eventually Come Out. Author's Note: When this idea came to me I realized it was completely alternate universe to some extent. When the story begins it is the end of June and Harry is 20 years old. The only changes from the book is that Harry and Ginny . Harry and Ginny had been secretly dating for six months. They both decided it would be better to keep their relationship hidden for the time being. However this meant sneaking around the castle, and treasuring every rare moment alone they had together. "Harry, just think how they'd react if they found us," Said Ginny, reluctantly pulling away from him. - | unleash Draco and Harry have been dating secretly for a few months. But they're tired of keeping it hidden. They're going to tell EVERYONE one way or another. "Harry's dating Draco," Ginny said, sitting next to Hermione in the library. "I can't believe I wasted so much time chasing after him! Glad I'm with Dean now.

It was quiet there and peaceful as no one took a detour in that direction so she was able to get more work done. Not to mention that she was forced to live in the library to avoid her roommate. It had surprised her to hear a chair move and turn to see Harry taking a seat next to her. She shook her head and tucked her hair behind her ear.

What are you doing here? As a Quidditch player I've never had to come to the library for work before. No one else comes back here. Why did you come back here and how did you know this was my corner? Harry smiled at her now. I thought I'd see if you were here. The blush crept up into her cheeks then and she turned back towards her potion books.

He reached down and took her chin in his hands, turning it towards him. It had all started that afternoon. The secret rendevouzes and the sweet dates. It had been romantic and she didn't want it to end. She laughed and snuggled into his arms, resting her head over his heart. I was just thinking about us and how we got together and why we're keeping it a secret. I do think it's for the best, at least for now.

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He nodded and kissed her again. You have still have to go pack for home and I'm supposed to meet Ron and Hermione at the pub. Tonight, meet me at my flat. I want to be with you one more night before summer begins. Ron Weasley was excited for summer vacation to start. He knew that he should be more concerned with what the professor in front of him was saying because being an Auror was a serious business and it was important for him to be paying full attention in all of the training and exercising courses, but it was the last hour of the last day of class until September.

He just wished it would end. He was more excited now because he was finally dating the girl of his dreams; the love of his life; the one he had been dreaming about since he had been fourteen. It had all started only three months before and it still blew his mind to think about it. They had been painting his new flat, the muggle way because Ron had been interested in trying it out. Harry had been helping but he had ran off with a date for the evening. Despite Hermione's constant begging he had refused to tell either one of them who it was with.

There hasn't been anyone since Natalie Davis back in November. I just want to make sure he's making a good decision is all.

So many girls are just after him because he's Harry Potter not because he's our Harry. He had grinned at her. That was partly true but Ron also knew that Hermione liked to know everything; she enjoyed sticking her nose in places where it didn't belong. It was something he and Harry knew about her and loved about her while at the same time finding it extremely frustrating and annoying.

Besides, didn't he say it was a first date? Let him decide if he likes the bird or not first. She was so beautiful when she was annoyed or angry. Ron's heart sped up a bit in his chest. Every guy she had ever dated was a douche; at least in his opinion. Okay, Victor Krum had been alright, Ron was ready to admit that he had overreacted in that sense but Cormac had been a catastrophe and David Cunningham, the guy she had dated after the war for six months from the Ministry had just been the worst possible choice.

He had not only dumped her for not having sex with him but had actually slapped her once. Ron had only found that part out because Harry had beat the guy to a bloody pulp in Finnegan's Pride and Ron had confronted him. Harry was not normally an angry person so he had been surprised.

As far as he knew, Hermione still didn't know that Harry had told him about David. Hermione smiled at him. He's a muggle and I have an art history class with him at Oxford.

He's really sweet and he's been bugging me about going out with him for a few months now and I thought well, why not. I haven't really dated anyone since David; just the odd date here and there. Ron shot Hermione a look that clearly said, " What the hell was that?

She grabbed his arm and he spun round to face her. A shocked voice suddenly pierced the moment and both Harry and Ginny whipped round their heads to find Neville standing in the corridor looking shocked and puzzled. I didn't know that you two were Don't breathe a word to anyone. Got it? Harry and Ginny wondered off to the grounds for some privacy, whilst Neville scurried away, still in shock from what he'd seen, and slightly scared of Ginny's threat.

Later that day, Ron and Hermione sat in the common room when they noticed Neville sitting alone with a troubled look in his eyes. Neville looked down, as the word 'friend' hit him. He'd never had friends before. He didn't want to lose them by keeping a secret from them. Neville thought to himself. Surely telling Ron and Hermione would be okay.

They're friends with Harry and Ginny. They wouldn't tell anyone. Please don't say anything! Hermione stifled a giggle at Ginny's threat before glancing at Ron who was still purple and turning an angry shade of red. But you always knew that Ginny was completely in love with him," Said Hermione matter of factly, "It was really only a matter of time.

I'm going to go and find Harry and teach him a thing or two about messing with a Weasley.

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