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50 Relationship Questions to Test Your Compatibility

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Have you ever had trouble finding something to talk about with someone you're dating? Having things to talk about in a new relationship is important. The evening can get a little awkward when the conversation runs dry, so it helps to keep a few relationship conversation topics in mind to keep the date moving along. The main point of dating someone is to get to know that person better, so you can decide if the two of you have long-term potential. The best way to do that is by having plenty of good conversations, so you can learn how your date thinks and feels about the things that are important to you. You also want to find out a little about your would-be mate's history and current interests.

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By Amelie Lee. Share Tweet Pin It. A relationship is all about compatibility. When you have small differences, it makes them cute. Amelie Lee Amelie Lee has an inexplicable love for all things vintage, and spends weekends combing through flea markets for that exotic find.

For a more comprehensive list, see the List of relationship topics. Interpersonal relationships are social associations, connections, or affiliations between two or more people. They vary in differing levels of intimacy and sharing, implying the discovery or establishment of common ground, and may be centered around something(s) shared in study of relationships is of concern to.

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If you could choose anyone in the world, living or dead, to have in our home as a dinner guest, who would you choose and why? If you could choose the activities to do that would make a perfect day, what would you choose?

Romantic chats are a great way to take your relationship to the next level. Some romantic topics to talk about with your boyfriend include: Deep love questions which can help build trust and promote intimacy in your relationship. Serious questions about your relationship which Author: Gabrielle Applebury. Relationships Are Complicated. Learn How to Handle Them. Hanging out, hooking up, falling in love, breaking up relationships arenít always easy. No 2 relationships are exactly the same, but learning how to communicate your feelings and recognize whatís unhealthy is super important. When it comes to discussing love and relationships, it's your choice how serious or juicy you want your conversation to be. Finding interesting topics to talk about can range from current events to doing charitable deeds and everything in between. To create a variety of .

What's your favorite childhood memory? What are the ten most important things on your personal bucket list? When did you last cry about something and what did you cry about?

If you could wake up tomorrow morning with one new skill or ability, what would you choose? What do you like best about our relationship?

Dating and relationship topics

What's something that you'd like to try, but that you're too scared to try? What was your favorite book or movie as a child and why did you like it so much?

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What's the one thing about yourself that you would most like to change? What would be your dream vacation? What are three qualities you admire about yourself? What are three qualities you admire about me?

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What's one of your best memories from when we were dating? What was your favorite place to go as a child and why did you love it there?

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If you could be any character in a book or moviewho would you choose to be? If all of a sudden you knew that you had 6 weeks left to live, what would you want to do in the time you had left? Let's say that our house is on fire, but you know that our family members and pets are safe.

What things would you want to rescue from the fire and why? If someone gave you enough money to start a business-no strings attached-what kind of business would you want to start? What are the five things that you are most thankful for right now? I am in the process of getting a divorce. Can I start dating, or do I have to wait until the divorce is final? What should I do if I cannot decide who I should be dating? How important is physical attraction when looking for a spouse?

Why is virginity so important in the Bible? What does it mean to be unequally yoked? What does it mean that iron sharpens iron?

Nov 18, †∑ Questions about Relationships: Should a Christian date a non-Christian? What is the difference between dating and courting? What does the Bible say about sex before marriage? Oct 11, †∑ You might even be looking for classic dating questions you should ask before getting in a relationship. And you wouldnít be the only one - according to a Elite Daily study of It seems like such a small thing, asking a question. But when youíre building a relationship or trying to become close with someone youíre dating, asking the right relationship questions can make a huge difference in the way you relate to each other.

Why is living together before marriage considered living in sin? Why is sexual purity so important?

40 Questions to Help Build Intimacy in a Relationship

Should a Christian wear a purity ring? What should I look for in a Christian boyfriend? What should I look for in a Christian girlfriend? Premarital sex - why are Christians so strongly against it? What does the Bible say about oral sex? Why is sexual temptation a bigger problem for men than for women? Does the Bible teach that there is a gift of celibacy?

Is missionary dating a good idea? Can't God use it? How can I overcome the pain of betrayal? Is sex a sin? Why should I get married?

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Why is finding true love so difficult? How can I heal from the hurt of a broken relationship? What does it mean to love one another?

Roles & Exceptions in a Relationship Ft. HigaFit (Episode 004 Topic of Discussion Podcast)

Is abstinence before marriage a realistic message? If marriage is so difficult, why should I even consider it?

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I am engaged to and living with an unbeliever.

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