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Check Out OnSpeedDating's Geek Dating Event. Nerd Dating Is Hot. Date A Geek.

After all, nerds are at home with technology and this is one of the areas they do best. Instead of playing a sorting game, take a page out of the rule book of matchmakers and coaches, who recommend the very best apps available to your catered community:. As one of the top rated in this category, signing up is a simple process, making dating possible in less than five minutes. The Android version seems to receive stronger reviews than the iOS, and the member base is still growing. The difference, according to Spira, is how targeted Geek Nerd Dating allows you to be with your preferences. You can filter by interests - Star Wars? You name it - and also by location.
Mouse Mingle is one of our favorite dating sites for geeks and nerds because, like their members, we canít get enough of all things Disney. Donít just wait for your Mickey or Minnie to come knocking on your door - be proactive about it by using Mouse Mingle, which is available for free on desktop and mobile (via The App Store and Google Play). I am a fun Online Dating For Nerds And Geeks loving chick with an appetite for long hours of sex cumming and fun. are you my guy. call me and lets make some magic/ Dec 07, †∑ Geek Dating Tips for Gamers, Nerds, and Superhero fans Posted on December 7, December 7, by Jamie Kiebler Just like casual dating and relationships, geek dating is also becoming popular today.

Connections are made for straight, gay and lesbian geeks, with an eye toward creating comic book romances in the real world. Tips on leveling up or dating a girl out of your league are explored with gusto and humor. Advice for guys and girls is geared toward techie life and using shared interests to connect.

14 of the best online dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi buffs, and more

Black Girl Nerds brings a sharp focus to dating among tech-savvy black women. Six self-proclaimed gal geeks host the site, bringing wisdom and humor to modern romance. Karen brings straightforward dating tips and fun sections also cover pop culture, Nerd Girl News and furthering your education.

Bragging Rights: Get guts, save the princess and win at real life. With a similar purpose as Mario, the Gutsy Geek blog features sections on love, dating, sex and relationships. Nerd Coupling Alerts share the success of others, with a dating manifesto designed around the geeky. Gay, straight and even hobbit love is embraced. Head Geek Joyce offers advice for snagging your genius from real-world trial and error with an archive stretching back seven years.

The blog and attached Geek Gallery tackle all the ups and downs of dating and love through an intelligent and well-researched angle. At Renegade Chicks, female geeks get a go with a no-holds-barred approach to communicating about love.

Dating as a geek requires combing through normies and too much dating through the same group of locals. For women, it can involve a lot of creepy guys who want their manic pixie dream girl. For. In the art of sensual body rub can relax your tense muscle with strong yet soft hands Dating Advice For Nerds And Geeks Review they will disrobe completely caressing and stroking you / Thereís never been a better time to be a geek or nerd, and our 10 Best Geeky Dating Blogs are proof of that. It doesnít matter if youíre into sci-fi or fantasy because weíre all looking for the same thing - love. So whether your weapon of choice is a controller or lightsaber, the sites [ ].

Host Kelley Hightower brings together her love of romance and the geeky world. With accompanying podcasts, she offers guidance on traversing the dating scene with little athletic ability. Every facet of modern romance is explored, including sex, first dates and shaking things up. Price is part of DatingAdvice. If you are yet to find someone to date, it is better if you pick someone sharing the same interests as yours. If you are a geek girl yourself, you might not want to end up with a guy who finds dating a nerdy girl impossible.

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So find someone who loves sports, if you do, or any other interest that you have. It would become extremely easy for you to communicate then.

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Even if you are going to be dating a geek, it is crucial to lay the basic foundation of a relationship when you meet. Talk with the guy or girl you are meeting, about any random things you can think of. One thing you should note that if a person is geeky about a particular thing, he might be introvert on every other thing.

Looking for Geek Dating & Nerd Dating? Love Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Animation, Video Games, Conventions & Cos-Play? Then is for you! Jun 01, †∑ They say thereís a kink for every freak. And when it comes to dating, the more specific you are in your search, the better results youíll reap. Thatís why if you subscribe to the community of nerds. If you're wanting Dating Site For Nerds And Geeks the ??BEST OF THE BEST?? I have arrived!!! My name is Secret Baby (SB Dating Site For Nerds And Geeks for short) & im 5'2, lbs, AA/Caucasian/Native American mix. I cant wait to show you guys the true meaning of southern hospitality!! Pm me here to set up a one of a kind meeting with the atf you didnt know you had!!!/

So you might have to initiate a conversation for some time till he or she becomes comfortable in front of you. Hence for starters, here are some topics you can question them about:. Once you feel the other person is opening up, switch to his area of interest.

Dating Tips for Geeks

At this point of time, he would have become totally comfortable with you, and you would have become successful in breaking that outer shell. You might be inclined towards making a false image of yours just to fit with the likes of the nerd you are dating. But that is highly wrong. If you are planning to not go on a second date, you can definitely go ahead with the plan.

So what are the best dating sites for geeks?

But if you really like the girl or a guy you are going to date, you should rethink your decision. Whether you are geek dating or casual dating, it is crucial that you be your own self. Obviously you need to make the other person comfortable first, just out of good etiquettes. But other than this, do not ever project a false image of yourself.

If the person does not ask you about your own interests, it is no harm to blend that information in between your conversations. After all, a relation is never formed just from one side.

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Geeks are highly into observing people. If you are nerd dating, the other person might watch you a little too much, observe your actions and reactions.

So one, never be afraid of showing who you are.

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And two, observe them too. See what kind of person the other one is, what kind of surroundings you are in, whether the person is comfortable in the surroundings, and so on. Body Language is an excellent tool to know about a person. So do observe! This observation will come a lot handy in knowing the geek better.

Dating advice for nerds and geeks

Who knows you might just find a common ground in your behavior towards things? Whatever happens, just remember that there are million other people in this world you can date. Never be disheartened if dating a geek has not been successful. Rise and shine once again! Your email address will not be published.

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